Product: HSLSG Lubricating System, Grease Oil Lubrication System
Products Advantage:
1. Oil supplying pressure to 0.63Mpa,
2. Output flow rate from 6.0L/min to 1000L/min.
3. For industrial lubricating from N22 to N460(Equals ISO VG22-460)

Lubricating System HSLSG Series Introduction

Lubricating system HSLSG series is used for grease oil lubrication system, which available working medium 20~ 25 mechanical oil or rolling oil, kinematic viscosity grade of N22 ~ N460 (Equals to ISO VG22 ~VG460).

The nominal pressure of lubricating system HSLSG series is 0.63MPa, filtration precision up to 0.08 ~ 0.12mm; cooling water temperature ≤28℃, cooling water pressure is 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa, the inlet temperature on oil heat exchanger is 50℃, the temperature drop from 7℃ to 8℃, heating steam when using steam pressure is 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa.

Working Principle Of Lubricating system HSLSG Series:
– While operation, the lubricating oil flows out from the oil reservoir to lubrication points through check valve, dual-cylinder filter, oil tube cooler. The Maximum supply pressure of lubricating system HSLSG series is 0.4MPa, the minimum supply pressure is 0.1MPa, according to the requirements of lubrication points, determined by adjusting the pressure relief valve when the working pressure oil station exceeds the set pressure relief valve, safety valve will open automatically, the excess oil will return to oil reservoir.

– The pressure pump is now working together, one as backup pump while other operation, sometimes some lubrication requirement equipment needs more lubricating oil and increase for some reason, the lubrication system pressure drops to the setting pressure value, the backup pump stars automatically by activating the pressure controller until the pressure reaches to normal and the backup pump automatically stops at that moment. If the oil pressure continues to drop to another set-value, the pressure is controlled by another pressure regulator and send an alarm signal.

– Binoculars mesh-type oil filter works as one set of filter and the other as backup filter, there is a differential pressure signal device mounted on the connection of inlet and outlet port, when the pressure exceeds 0.15MPa (≥250L / min lubrication oil system is 0.15 MPa-0.1MPa), then manual switching the filter, remove, clean or replace the filter.

– The outlet port of lubricating system connected with the pressure type electric contact thermometer, according to the oil temperature requirements, setting the highest and lowest two level. At low temperatures, the signal light on, then turn on the heater manually, and it will automatically turn off the heater as soon as reaching the highest setting temperature point. When the temperature at the outlet port is higher, the overheat signal send an alert and opens the cooler.

– If the flow rate ≥250L / min of lubrication system which will transfer the lubricating oil from the steam heating reservoir, the pressure gauge is mounted on the dashboard to measure the pressure difference of cooler, all of the main parts for ≤125L/min are mounted on the lubricating oil reservoir as the overall structure.

The Main Feature Of Lubricating System HSLSG Series
1. With backup pump equipped with, to ensure continuous supply to the lubrication points.
2. The filter mounted before the cooler, improves the filtering capacity; more suitable for high viscosity lubricating medium.
3. Using dual line cylinder type filter, easily cleaning or replacement of the filter mesh.
4. The use of tube-type oil cooler, cooling effect is better with low resistance, ease of maintenance.
5. Magnetic mesh filter is installed on return line, the oil can be adsorbed iron particles, ensure cleanliness and improve lubrication oil component life.
6. With dashboards and electrical control box, easy to observe the operation parameters, which can realize automatic control and accident alert.

Lubricating System HSLSG Series Order Code


(1) HSLSG Series =
Lubricating System HSLSG Series, Lubrication System
(2) Flow Rate 
(3) Reservoir Volume 
(4)  Motor Power =
(5)  * = For further information or device

Lubricating System HSLSG Series Technical Data

Pressure (MPa)≤0.4
Flow Rate (L/min)610162540631001252504006301000
Temperature (℃)40±3
Tank Volume (m3)0.150.6311.66.3101625
Filter Area (m2)
Heat Ex. Area(m2)0.634624355080
Cool Water (m3/h)0.360.611.53.65.7911.2512~22.520~3630~5660~90
Heater Power (kW)2121224////
Voltage (V)220
Steam (m3/h)////100160250400
Power (kW)0.551.
Speed (r/min)14001400143014401440144014601470

Lubricating System HSLSG16 ~ HSLSG125 Series Principle Symbol 

Lubricating-System-HSLSG,Grease,Oil-Lubrication-System 16G~125G-symbol

Lubricating System HSLSG16 ~ HSLSG125 Series Installation Dimensions


Unit= Millimeter (mm)

HSLSG-4050G1 1/4”1200100085017352354703451200G1 1/4”290248601360990400190355740
HSLSG-10080G1 1/2”1500120095021903905604441400G1 1/4”3051701001480978450170375820

Lubricating System HSLSG250 ~ HSLSG1000 Series Principle Symbol 

Lubricating-System-HSLSG,Grease,Oil-Lubrication-System 250G-1000G symbol

Lubricating System HSLSG250 ~ HSLSG1000 Series Installation Dimensions


Unit= Millimeter (mm)

ModelReturnOutletIn-Out PortABHA1A2A3A4A5