Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N)

Product:ZB-H (DB-N) Grease Lubrication Pump – Progressive Lubrication Pump
Product Advantage:
1. Four volumes of lubricating from 0~90ml/min.
2. Heavy duty motor equipped, longer service and less maintenance cost
3. Quick and reliable lubricating operation. With or without cart optional.

Equal Code With ZB-H & ZB-N:
ZB-H25 (DB-N25) ; ZB-H45 (DB-N45) ; ZB-H50 (DB-N50) ; ZB-H90 (DB-N90)

Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) are mostly equipped in the central lubrication system for machinery equipment. The ZB-H (DB-N) grease lubrication pump is available for the central lubrication system with low lubricating frequency, supplying to 50 lubrication points below, and max. working pressure is 315bar.

The oil lubrication pump has the ability to transfer the grease or oil directly to each lubricating point or through progressive valve SSV series. The lubrication pump is usually equipped to the machinery for Metallurgy, Mining, Ports, Transportation, Construction & Other Equipment.

Ordering Code Of Oil Lubrication Pump ZB-H


(1) Oil Lubrication Pump Type = ZB series
(2) H = Max. Pressure 31.5Mpa/315Bar/4567.50Psi
(3)Grease Feeding Volume = 0~25ml/min., 0~45ml/min., 0~50ml/min., 0~90ml/min.
(4) Further information

Oil Lubrication Pump ZB-H Technical Data

Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) Series
Working Pressure:
Max. operation pressure: 315bar/ 4567.50psi (Cast iron)
Motor Powers:

Motor Voltage:
Grease Tank:
Grease Feeding Volume:  
0~25ml/min., 0~45ml/min., 0~50ml/min., 0~90ml/min.

Technical Data Of Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) Series :

ModelMax. pressureTank VolumeMotor VoltageMotor PowerFeeding VolumeWeight


1. The oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) are available to equip in the working position with normal temperature, less dust and easily greasing filling.
2. Grease must be added through filling inlet and pressurized by electric lubricating pump, it is not allowable to add any medium without filtering processing.
3. The electric wire must be connected to motor of oil lubrication pump as per the motor rotation, any reversal rotation is inhibited.
4. More lubricating injectors are available, the additional non-using injector will be able to be sealed by M20x1.5 plug.

Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) Operation Symbol:

Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) symbol

Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) Installation Dimensions

Oil lubrication pump ZB-H (DB-N) symbol installation dimensions