Product:ZB Series Lubrication Pump – DDRB-N Grease Multi-Point Pump
Product Advantage:
1. Max. operation pressure up to 315bar/31.5Mpa/4568psi
2. Multi lubrication points from 1 to 14 optional
3. Four lubricating range of 1.8ml/time, 3.5 ml/time, 5.8 ml/time, 10.5 ml/time and two grease tank of 10L and 30L option
Pump Element:  DDRB-N, ZB Pump Element

Equal Code With DDRB-N & ZB Type:
1~14 DDRB-N Pump = 1~14 ZB Pump

Lubrication pump DDRB-N equals ZB grease multi-point pump is used for medium and small central lubrication system where requires low lubricating frequency, quantity of lubricating points below 50 sets and max. operation pressure 315bar.

Lubrication pump of DDRB-N (ZB) series is available to transfer the grease to lubricating point directly or thought each progressive divider, this kind of pump is usually applied for the location of metallurgy industry, mining industry, heavy machinery industry, port transportation industry as the main sources of lubrication.

Lubrication pump DDRB-N series, ZB grease multi-point pump consists of parts like grease tank, speed reduction mechanism, oil pressure piston pump and motor parts. Motor drive worm and worm gear reducer of Lubrication pump DDRB-N (ZB) rotates the worm shaft driven eccentric drive wheel rotation at a low speed, the pulling disk of driven wheel make the reciprocating motion of grease piston pump in order to discharge grease from each lubrication pump injector.

Noted Before Operation The Lubrication Pump DDRB-N (ZB) Series:
1.  Multi-point lubrication pump DDRB-N (ZB) series should be installed in an ambient temperature working location with less dust for easy inspection, maintenance and convenient to fill grease in.
2, When filling the grease in reservoir , the grease must be added through inlet port of pump, it is not allowed to fill the grease without of filtering.
3. The rotation way of electric motor should be connected as per the noted plate stuck on the pump, reversed rotation is not allowed.
4. Grease injection point will be able to select within a range of 1 to 14 optional, free to remove the grease piston pump element according if some certain element not needed and sealed with the plug of M20x1.5 threaded.

Ordering Code Of Lubrication Pump DDRB-N, ZB


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2)Number Of Lubricating Points :
1 ~ 14 optional
(3) Lubrication Pump :
DDRB-N (ZB) Grease Multi-Point Pump
(4) N: 
Max. Operation Pressure 31.5Mpa/315bar
(5)Grease Feeding Volume :
1.8mL/time; 3.5mL/time; 5.8mL/time; 10.5mL/time optional
(6)Grease Tank Volume :
10L ; 30L optional

Lubrication Pump DDRB-N, ZB Technical Data

Lubrication Pump DDRB-N, ZB Grease Multi-Point Pump
Working Pressure:
Max. operation pressure: 315bar
Motor Powers:

Motor Voltage:
Grease Tank:
10L ; 30L
Grease Feeding Volume:  
1.8mL/time; 3.5L/time; 5.8L/time; 10.5L/time at 22time/min.

Technical Data Of Lubrication Pump DDRB-N (ZB) Series :

ModelMax. pressureDischarge Per Injector (Option)Tank Volume
Feeding TimeMotor PowersWeight
DDRB-N315bar1.8mL/Stroke of Piston

3.5mL/Stroke of Piston

5.8mL/Stroke of Piston

10.5mL/Stroke of Piston




-Applicable medium for the penetration of not less than 265 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10m m of grease and viscosity greater than N68 of the lubricating oil; for the ambient temperature of -20 ~ +80 ℃.
– The grease discharge is for each outlet port, and  22strokes in one minute

Lubrication Pump DDRB-N (ZB) Installation Dimensions

Lubrication Pump DDRB-N, ZB Grease Multi-Point Pump dimensions