DDB-X Multi-Point Lubrication Pump

Product: DDB-X Grease Multi Point Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 25 Mpa
2. Up to 12 Multi points available
3. Each injector will be able to be blocked as per requirement

DDB-X multi-point lubrication pump is designed for the industry of mining machinery, building machinery, steel vibration machinery, cement processing line, refining machine, fertilizer furnace, gas furnace, roots blower and other lubrication equipment requirements. DDB-X multi-point lubrication pump is used to replace the traditional, original artificial lubrication process to ensure the normal operation of equipment, extending the working service of equipment. The DDB-X lubrication pump has a small size, light weight, compact structure, reliable grease supply.

Usage of DDB-X Multi-Point Lubrication Pump

  1. The DDB-X multi-point lubrication pump accepts a wide range of grease, according to the requirements of being lubricated equipment which can be used ZG-1 to ZG-3, ZN-2 to ZN-3 as lubricating grease, but regardless of any grease penetration can’t be less than 220-250.
  2. The motor in the DDB-X lubrication pump must rotate by the direction of the arrow on the pump as indicated, otherwise, there is no grease output.
  3. The DDB-X multi-point lubrication pump should be installed in the appropriate place of working position, efore using the pump installed in the appropriate parts of the device (also can be placed directly on the ground), the tank filled with grease and compaction, the DDB-X lubrication pump connected to the device from the lubrication point, turn on the power, the pump will be able to work. The stroke of DDB-X Pump is 17times in one minute with 0.3ml/stroke, please take note that grease tank must keep in clean condition, strictly prevent foreign matter adulteration.
  4. The structure of injector is designed as piston type, the non-use injector can be screw out if the lubrication points less than 4 numbers and get the spring and piston out then screw tight the nut of injector, just keeping the housing of the piston in the same position.
  5. The nozzle of the injector should not be welded to stop the lubricate, otherwise it will lead to pump housing crack, affect the whole lubrication pump.
  6. The oil in the gearbox should not be lower than the center of the oil rod, otherwise it will lose lubrication, resulting in worm wear and tear affect the machine running.

Ordering Code Of DDB-X Multi-Point Lubrication Pump


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) DDB = DDB Multi-Point Lubrication Pump
(3) Series = X Series
(4)  Nos. Of Outlet Port  = DDB X1 ~ DDB 12 For Option
(5) * = For further information

DDB-X Multi-Point Lubrication Pump Technical Data

ModelOutletMax. Pressure
Feeding Rate


Feeding Times
Motor Power
Grease Tank

DDB-X Lubrication Pump Installation Dimensions

1. Electric Motor  ;  2. Grease Reservoir  ;  3. Pump Housing  ;  4. Grease Level Indicator  ; 5. Steel Box