Product: DXF Hydraulic Check Valve 
Products Advantage:
1. Application for hydraulic oil, one way blocked valve
2. Max. operation pressure up to 0.8Mpa/80bar
3. Six size of diameter for option, vertical installation only


Vertical hydraulic oil check valve DXF series is used for hydraulic oil, one way check, vertical threaded connection isolated valve, usually installed in front of the hydraulic pump to protect the pump or in the oil return line in order to prevent oil return flow.

Hydraulic oil check valve DXF valve is one way free flow and the opposition way blocked, the max. operation of the valve is 0.8Mpa, for the working medium viscosity grade N22 ~ N460.

Ordering Code Of Hydraulic Oil Check Valve DXF Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) DXF = Hydraulic Oil Check Valve DXF
(3) Size = 10(10mm), see chart below
(4) C = Casting iron ; S = Stainless Steel
(5) = For further information

Hydraulic Oil Check Valve DXF Technical Data & Dimensions

ModelDia.Max. PressuredDHH1AWeight
DXF-3232mmG1 1/4″5512055452.0kgs
DXF-4040mmG1 1/2″6012055522.2kgs

Vertical Hydraulic Oil Check Valve DXF