Product: DJB-F200, DJB-F200B Electric Grease Filler Pump 
Products Advantage:
1. With or without grease reservoir for option
2. High quality certificated electric motor as main power source
3. Compact pump size and easily, light and easy working operation

Grease Filler Pump DJB-F200, DJB-F200B Introduction

Grease filler pump DJB-F200, F200B series is Electric power pump for grease filling with volume 200l grease feeding filler pump. DJB-F200 grease filler pump is used to filling grease to grease reservoir in lubrication system equipped with the cylindrical gear , fixed grease volume pump.
Grease filler pump DJB-F200 is available with or without grease reservoir/tank, please check the ordering code blow. There is a protection net at the pump grease suction of cover, our DJB series is reliable working operation, convenient maintenance.
Note before operation of grease filler pump DJB series:
1. The wire to motor should be connected according to the direction of motor rotation, reverse rotated is not allowed.
2. The use of grease must be clean, uniform texture quality, in the range of the specified number.
3. Regularly clean the pump cover on the adsorption of impurities
4. Forbidden to run the pump without the grease in the reservoir

Ordering Code Of Manual Lubrication Pump DJB Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) DJB Series
= Electric Grease Filler Pump 
(3) F 
= Nominal Pressure 25bar/2.5Mpa
(4) Feeding Volume 
= 200L/Hours
(5) B 
= With grease barrel,  Omit=  without grease barrel, 
(6) *
 = For further information

Grease Filler Pump DJB Series Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding Vol.Tank Vol.Motor PowerMotor SpeedApprox. Weight
DJB-F2001 MPa200 mL/min270 L1.1 kw1400 r/min50kgs
DJB-F200B1 MPa200 mL/min270 L1.1 kw1400 r/min138kgs

Note: Media input and viscosity grade of cone penetration 265 ~ 385 (25 DEG C, 150g) 1/10mm grease NLGI0# ~ 2# than N120 industrial lubricants

Grease Filler Pump DJB-F200 Installation Dimensions

Grease Filler Pump DJB-F200-Dimensions

Grease Filler Pump DJB-F200B Installation Dimensions

Grease Filler Pump DJB-F200B-Dimensions