Product: Oil Grease Injector
Products Advantage:
1. Minimized oil or grease leakage, Viton O-rings for high heat lubricates
2. Higher pressure up to 250bar (3600PSI), oil grease output adjustable
3. Completely replace to SL-1, GL-1 injectors and other interchangeable to other brand

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HL-1 Oil Grease Injector Introduction

The HL-1 oil grease injector is designed to offer a certain amount of oil or grease to each lubrication point precisely, by supplying grease line. This oil grease injector is able to be installed in small working space, allowing the longer or shorter lubrication point distance. Ideally, it is available for machines or equipment operated in harsh working conditions. The HL-1 oil grease injector is also called directly single line metering device for lubrication equipment. It is powered and pressurized by lubrication pump to push lubricates to each lubricating points.

With a visually indicated pin, the condition of oil grease lubrication can be adjusted as per the different working conditions, by adjusting the screw in order to get proper lubrication. Our HL-1 oil grease injector will be able to mount on standard or customized manifolds, that our company can supply as per various reqirements.

The oil grease injector is designed to be used in many kinds of automatic control lube systems, especially for those difficult-to-lubricate machines or equipments. Oil grease injector brings great convenience to customers because of its wide range of applications and easy installation.

HL-1 Oil Grease Injector Ordering Code & Technical Data


(1) HL = By Hudsun Industry
(2)  1= Series
(3) G = G Type Design
(4) C =Main materials is Carbon Steel (Normal)
      S = Main materials is Stainless Steel
(5) For Further Information

Maximum Operating Pressure . . . . . . . 3500 psi (24 MPa, 241 bar)
Recommended Operating Pressure . . . . . 2500 psi (17 MPa, 172 bar)
Reset Pressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . 600 psi (4.1 MPa, 41 bar)
Output Lubricant. . . . .. 0.13-1.60cc (0.008-0.10 cu. in.)
Surface Protection . . . ..Zinc with silver chromed
Wetted Parts . . . . . .Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, fluoroelastomer
Recommended Fluids . . . . . . . . . . N.L.G.I. #2 grease down to 32° F (0° C)

HL-1 Oil Grease Injector “L” Type Design Structure

oil-grease-injectors-HL-1 L Type design

1. Adjusting Screw ; 2. Lock Nut
3. Piston Stop Plug ; 4. Gasket
5. Washer ; 6. Viton O-ring
7. Piston Assembly ; 8. Fitting Assembly
9. Plunger Spring ; 10. Spring Sean
11. Plunger ; 12. Viton Pacing
13. Inlet Disc ; 14. Viton Packing
15. Washer ; 16. Gasket
17. Adapter Bolt ; 18. Adapter
19. Viton Packing

HL-1 Oil Grease Injector “G” Type Design Structure

oil-grease-injectors-HL-1 G Type design

1. Injector House ; 2. Adjusting Screw
3. Lock Nut ; 4. Packing Housing
5. Zerk Fitting ; 6. Gasket
7. Adapter Bolt ; 8. Indicator Pin
9. Gasket ; 11. O-ring ; 12. Piston
13. Spring ; 15. Plunger
15. Washer ; 16. Gasket
17. Adapter Bolt ; 18. Adapter
19. Inlet Disc

HL-1 Oil Grease Injector Operation Stage

First Stage ( During Pause Time )
The first stage is the normal position of the HL-1 injector, while the discharge chamber filled with oil, grease, or lubricant comes from the previous stroke. In the meanwhile, relieved from pressure, release the spring. The spring of the HL-1 injector is only for re-charging purposes.
The inlet valve opens under the high pressure of entering oil or grease, directing the lubricant to the measuring chamber where above the HL-1 injector piston.

Lubricant Injector Operation Stage 1
HL-1 Lubricant Injector Operation Stage 2

Second Stage (Pressurized And Lubricating)
The second stage builds up pressure which leads the high-pressure lubricant to push up the piston valve and uncovering a passage. This allows oil or grease flow into measuring chamber on top of the piston, forcing it down while the indicator rod retracts. The measuring chamber is filling with lubricant and pressurizing it from discharge chamber through outlet port during this time.

Third Stage ( After Lubricating Discharge )
After the injector piston completes its stroke, the pressure pushes the plunger of the inlet valve past its passage and back, shutting off admission of lubricant to the previous aside passage. While discharge of grease or oil is completed at the outlet port.
The injector piston and inlet valve remain in their normal positions until every lubrication point has been supplied with lubricant through the supply line.

HL-1 Lubricant Injector Operation Stage 3
HL-1 Lubricant Injector Operation Stage 4

Fourth Stage (Pressure Relieved)
When the pressure in the HL-1 injector subsides, the spring expands accordingly, forcing the inlet valve to move, allowing for a passage and discharge chamber connection via a valve port. Because the pressure at the injection port of the injector must be reduced below 4.1Mpa.
As the spring continues to expand, the piston moves up and closes the inlet valve. This action opens a port that allows oil or grease to flow from the top chamber into the discharge chamber. When just the right amount of lubricant has been transferred and pressure is relieved, HL-1 injector returns to its normal working position so it will be ready for next time.

HL-1 Oil Grease Injector General Dim. With Manifold

Lubricant Injector Dimensions
Injector, HL-1, One PointN/A63.00mm
Injector, HL-1, Two Point76.00mm
Injector, HL-1, Three Point31.70mm107.50mm
Injector, HL-1, Four Point63.40mm139.00mm
Injector, HL-1, Five Point95.10mm170.50mm
Injector, HL-1, Six Point126.80mm202.70mm