Pressure Control Valve YKF, DR

Product: YKF-L31; 32 And DR -33; 43 Series Pressure Control 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. pressure up to 20Mpa/bar
2. Equipped with directional valve in lubrication system to increase pressure
3. Better for two stage grease distribution lubrication system, reliable pressure operation

Pressure control valve YKF, DR series is grease, oil pressure control valve is equipped with hydraulic directional valve or pressure operated valve in dual line centralized lubrication system to increase the pressure in lubrication pipe, and allowed to extend the length of supply pipe, in order the grease distributors can be arranged centrally, more working reliable, extend the lubricating range of grease or oil , while easy to facilitate the daily inspection operation work.

Pressure control valve YKF, DR series is more suitable for secondary distribution in the lubrication system, which increases the primary distributor of the grease or oil pressure, so that it can be re-allocated to the second grease distribution.

Pressure Control Valve YK, DR Operation.
1. In the direction of the arrow in the 1 meter with the pipe and the export of hydraulic return valve or pressure control valve into the oil port connected.
2. With two YKF-L31-type pressure control valves and a YHF-L1type hydraulic directional control valve used in combination, should be one of the pressure control valve control line interface A with another pressure control valve control pipe connection B is connected with a pipe.
3. YKF-L31 x2 and YHF-L1x1 hydraulic directional control valve combination; YKF-L32x1 and YHF-L2x1 hydraulic directional control valve or YKF-L4 pressure control valve combination.
4. When the oil supply, inlet pressure P1 and outlet pressure P2 (hydraulic valve or pressure control valve set pressure) the relationship is: P1 = 3P2-P3.

Ordering Code Of Pressure Control Valve YKF, DR Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) YKF = Pressure Control Valve YKF, DR series
(3) L = Max. pressure 200bar
(4) Pressure Ratio 
(5) Inlet/Outlet Port Nos. = 220mL/min. ; 455mL/min. (See the chart below)
(6) * = For further information

Pressure Control Valve YKF/DR Technical Data

Pressure RatioInlet/Outlet Nos.Flow LossWeight
New onePrevious
YKF-L31DR-3320Mpa3:1 (Inlet:Outlet)12mL200Kgs

Pressure Control Valve YK, DR Installation Dimensions

Pressure Control Valve YKFDR dimensions