Grease Lubrication Pump DXZ

Product: DXZ Electric Grease Lubrication Pump 
Products Advantage:
1. Larger grease feeding volume pump, 3 kinds volumes for optional
2. High duty and quality electric motor selected, grease lubrication equipment
3. Providing sale-after service for all parts and new raw materials guaranty longer service life

Grease lubrication pump of DXZ series grease pump is powered by electric motor through gear reducer to drive hydraulic element to discharge grease or oil. The DXZ series grease lubrication pump often works with dual line distributor and mounted at the end of pipe line in lubrication system. The directional valve equipped with is to control the two main grease pipeline alternately while its operation.

DXZ series of grease lubrication pump is fixed working pattern, stable working place, no complex operation and maintenance! At the beginning of the design and development of its mechanical structure, and as little as possible the use of electronic and electrical equipment, for its “reliable” characteristics, because DXZ series focus on stable and reliable work, the most optimization of mechanical structure, so it is more concise and clear, make operation is more simple and easily. DXZ series will be able to assemble a simple lubrication system, and through the system to achieve automatic pipeline switching, simply working function and ensure the lubrication effect, also guarantee the stable and reliable of pump operation.

Operation Of Grease Lubrication Pump Of DXZ Series

  1. Grease lubrication pump DXZ series electric lubrication pump should be installed in a suitable ambient temperature, less dust, easy adjustment, inspection, maintenance and washable and easy grease filling working condition.
  2. DXZ series grease lubrication pump should be arranged as far as possible in the center of the lubrication system, shorten the length of the lubricating pipe, maintain a minimum pressure drop, the lubrication pump can produce enough to overcome as per backpressure pressure in lubrication points.
  3. Adding 50 # machine oil to oil standard prescribed level in gear box of DXZ series before operation
  4. Grease should be used to fill in by lubrication pump of DJB-200 as power source, and it is not allowed to run the DXZ if there is no grease or oil in the grease tank.
  5. The connection thread of pressure gauge is Rc 3/8 mounted on the directional solenoid valve, and which can be plug if not necessary. The pressure regulating valve on the solenoid valve can be adjusted within the range of 0 ~ 10MPa optional, the usage pressure of the pump must not exceed the nominal pressure (10MPa).
  6. The solenoid rod of directional valve should be checked after two months of operation if there is any lubricating seal leakage, if the leak should be replaced the seals to prevent burn the coils, please pay the attention while operation the DXZ lubrication pump for long working period.
  7. Lubrication pump DXZ series should be mounted indoors, any outdoors or in harsh environment applications, protective measures must be taken into consideration.

Grease Lubrication Pump Of DXZ Series Application:
– Lower lubricating frequency, pipe length is not longer than of 100 meters
– Lubrication points should below 300 number and nominal pressure is 10MPa in dual line lubrication system
– Heavy duty working requirement, equipped in small machine equipment as greasing lubrication source.

Ordering Code Of Grease Lubrication Pump DXZ Series


(1) DXZ 
= Grease Lube Pump DXZ Series 
(2) Grease Feeding Volume = 100mL/stroke
(3) Grease Reservoir = 50L
(4) Motor Power = 0.55Kw
(5) * = For further information

Grease Lubrication Pump DXZ Series Technical Data

ModelNominal Pressure
Feeding Vol.
Tank Vol.
Motor Power
Valve PowerApprox. Weight

Grease Lubrication Pump Of DXZ Series Installation Dimensions

Grease Lubrication Pump Of DXZ Series Installation Dimensions