AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve

Product: QHQ-J Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve
Products Advantage:
1. Max. inlet pressure operation 10Mpa
2. Air and oil mixer with 4 ~ 12 outlet ports
3. Strictly test and reliable working in lubrication system

QHQ-J oil air lubrication mixing valve and air oil mixer divider made of medium carbon alloy steel as progressive grease distributor and aluminum alloy material as oil and air mixing valve, with one inlet, one inlet port, and 4 to 12 oil and air outlet ports. Mainly applicable to single-line two-stage oil and air lubrication system or two-line – progressive oil and air lubrication system.

QHQ-J Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Usage:

  1. Must be used in the working environment within the provisions of the medium.
  2. The compressed air interface must be with the oil and air system dedicated compressed air network pipeline connection, is strictly prohibited with other unknown origin of the air supply line connection, so as to avoid accidents.
  3. The installation position of the oil and air mixing valve to give priority to the installation conditions in the working conditions, the temperature changes in small parts, and never allowed to install in high temperature areas or environmental corrosion occasions.
  4. Strictly prohibited to change the number of outlets, do not need to use the oil and air ports must contact us before changing it.

Ordering Code Of QHQ-J Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Series

HS- QHQ J 4 A 1 *
(1) (2) (3) (4)  (5) (6) (7)

(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) QHQ = Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve
(3) J= Max. Pressure 100bar
(4) Outlet Port Nos. = 4;   6;  8;  10;  12
(5) Oil Feeding Volume/ Port: A= 0.08mL;  B= 0.16mL
(6)  Air Feeding Volume/ Port: 1= 19L/min ; 2= 30L/min
(7) For Further Information

SMX-YQ Oil Air Lubrication Distributor Technical Information

Model Oil Pressure Air Pressure Piston Type Oil Feeding Volume
Outlet Port
SMX*-YQ <100Bar 2~8Bar 04T 0.04 2
04S 0.08 1
08T 0.08 2
08S 0.16 1
16T 0.16 2
16S 0.32 1
24T 0.24 2
24S 0.48 1
32T 0.32 2
32S 0.64 1
40T 0.4 2
40S 0.8 1

SMX-YQ Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Dimensions

AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve and Air Oil Divider Dimensions
Model QHQ-J4×× QHQ-J6×× QHQ-J8×× QHQ-J10×× QHQ-J12××
A 59 76 93 110 127
B 73 90 107 124 141