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//Lubrication Pump DRB-P, DRBZ-P Series – Grease, Greasing Lubrication Pump

Lubrication Pump DRB-P, DRBZ-P Series – Grease, Greasing Lubrication Pump


Product: DRB-P Lubrication Pump ;  DRBZ-P Grease Lubrication Pump With Cart
Product Advantage:
1. High pressure and 3 different feeding volume optional
2. Heavy duty and light weight, with 3 grease tank volume option
3. Single or dual pump available, with cart for easily mobile transportation


Lubrication pump DRB-P, DRBZ-P (With cart) greasing lubrication pump is equipped in the single or double grease or oil central lubrication equipment, which requires for high lubrication frequency, long lubricating pipe length with multi-lubrication points.

DRBZ-P (With cart) greasing lubrication pump is available to connect with cart, rubber host, grease gun for easily mobile lubricating apply for the lubrication equipment with low lubrication frequency, less lubricating points and large grease feeding requested.

Lubrication pump DRB-P installed high pressure, heavy duty piston pump, which is available to adjust the operation pressure, overload protection, and there is an automatic alarm advice mounted inside the grease tank. If there is an electrical control box installed with the DRB-P lubrication pump which will enable automatically control the double centralized lubrication system and realize the system monitoring.

Ordering Code Of Lubrication Pump DRB-P, DRBZ-P

DRB Z 7 P 120 O
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

(1)  Single or double Pump : Omit if single pump ; 2= Double pumps
(2) Electric lubrication pump : DRB Series
(3)Mobile cart : Z= With mobile cart ; Omit without cart
(4)Pump series : 1 ~ 9 Series number, please see the technical data below
(5)Nominal pressure : P= 40Mpa/400bar/5800psi
(6)Feeding volume : Please see the technical data below
(7) Medium : O= Lubricant oil ; G= Lubricating grease
(8) Electric box : Omit= Without electric box ; EB= With electric box

Lubrication Pump DRB-P, DRBZ-P Technical Data

Code Nominal Pressure (MPa) Feeding Volume(ml/min) Reservoir (L) Gear Reducer Motor Ambient Temperature () Weight
Power(KW) Voltage(V)
DRB1-P120 40 120 30 0.37 380 0~+80 95
DRB2-P120 0.75 -20~+80 105
DRB3-P120 60 0.37 0~+80 100
DRB4-P120 0.75 -20~+80 105
DRB5-P235 235 30 1.5 0~+80 110
DRB6-P235 60 110
DRB7-P235 100 120
DRB8-P365 365 60 115
DRB9-P365 100 125

Lubrication Pump DRB-P, DRBZ-P Operation Symbol


Lubrication Pump DRB-P Installation Dimensions

Size D H H1 b L L1
Reservoir 30L φ310 760 1140 200 233
60L φ400 810 1190 230 278
100L φ500 920 1200 280 328
Motor power 0.37kw,80r/min 500
0.75kw,80r/min 563
1.5kw,160r/min 575
1.5kw,250r/min 575

Lubrication Pump DRBZ-P Installation Dimensions


Lubrication Pump 2DRB-P Installation Dimensions