Foot Lubrication Pump FRB-3 Series – Foot Grease Pump, Foot Operation Lubrication Pump

Product: FRB-3 Foot Operated Grease Lubrication Pump 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. working pressure up to 40Mpa/400bar
2. Grease feeding rate 3mL/stroke, 9L reservoir volume
3. Available grease of NLG I0#~2#) or viscosity grade up to N100

Foot lubrication pump FRB-3 series is the foot grease pump, foot operation lubrication pump, which imported the advanced foreign technology, in the form of manual lubrication pump structure on the basis of the development of a new product. Foot lubrication pump JRB-3 series works by a piston reciprocating motion powered by foot to discharge grease lubricant.

The vertical movement of the foot pedal to drive and reciprocate the piston pump, the grease or oil in the oil reservoir is pressurized into the inlet port of piston pump by the different pressure. By the piston of pump reciprocates constantly to suck and discharge the grease or oil and transfer to the lubrication points, it is a small single line lubrication pump.

Foot lubrication pump FRB-3 series is light weight for portable working condition, small size design, particularly strong applicability, which can be directly composed of small single-line centralized lubrication system and single-line distributors.

Operation Of Lubrication Pump FRB-3 Series:

  1. Release the air before the operation the pump, open the cover, take out the piston in the tank, with manual or electric pumps through the filter to fill in the clean grease or oil, (Do not use unfiltered grease or oil), pressing the piston and cover.
  2. Filling the air in air cartridge, inflation pressure must not exceed a predetermined value of 0.4Mpa, no need to open piston, filling air and opening air needle valve if oil as media.
  3. Max. pressure must not exceed the nominal pressure of the pump.
    d. It is not allowed to manipulate foot board action if there is no lubricate oil in reservoir.

Ordering Code Of Foot Lubrication Pump FRB-3 Series


(1) FRB 
= Foot Lubrication Pump 
(2) Feeding Volume = 3mL/stroke
(3) Grease Reservoir = 9L
(4) * 
= For further information

Foot Lubrication Pump FRB-3 Series Technical Data

ModelPressureFeedingTank VolumeAir Pre. StorageDimensionsWeight Accessory
FRB-340 MPa3mL/stroke9L0.3MPa630mm×292mm×700mm18.5KgsWith Air Press

Note: Using the medium for the cone penetration 250 ~ 350 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLG I0 # ~ 2 #), also use the viscosity grade lubricant is greater than N100, the working environment temperature -10℃ ~ 80℃.

Foot Lubrication Pump FRB-3 Installation Dimensions

Foot Lubrication Pump FRB-3 Installation Dimensions