Grease Filler Pump DJB-H1.6

Product: DJB-H1.6 Electric Grease Filler Pump 
Products Advantage:
1. High quality fixed piston pump inside
2. Smooth operation pump, high grease volume output
3. Light weight for portable working, with 200L grease reservoir

Grease filler pump DJB-H1.6 is electric grease filler pump with volume 1.6l/min. volume grease feeding pump, the DJB-H1.6 grease filler piston pump is available for the grease central lubrication system which is used for filling grease in lubrication reservoir.

The grease filler pump DJB-H1.6 is a built-in piston displacement pump equipped with the gear motor driven directly eccentric wheel grease filler pump l to push the rob reciprocating motion in order to absorb and pressure the grease. The DJB-H1.6 is stable operation, high output pressure, with outlet filter device at the inlet port.

The horizontal installed deceleration motor of DJB-H1.6 grease filler pump drives cycle eccentric and slide block, pulling the rod up and down reciprocating motion, to pressurized and suction the grease by one-way isolated valve in order the grease or oil discharges from the grease hose.

 Please noted before operation the DJB-H1.6 pump:

  1. Unscrew the grease plug filling the grease in the tank with 50# mechanical grease to the oil level mark before running the pump.
  2. The delivery of the media must be clean, uniform texture, in the specified range of grades.
  3. Clean filter should be installed at the outlet.
  4. Forbidden to run the pump without any grease in the reservoir.
  5. At the three months of first beginning after running the motor reducer must be supplemented with an appropriate amount of 3# molybdenum disulfide grease from the exhaust hole, please repeat it after every four months of time.

Ordering Code Of Grease Filler Pump DJB-H1.6 Series

(1)(2)(3) (4)(5)(6)

(1) HS= By Hudsun Industry
(2) DJB 
= Grease Filler Pump
(3) H 
= Nominal Pressure: 40bar/4Mpa
(4) Feeding Volume 
= 1.6L/min
(5) Omit= Only motor and suction pipe ;
B = Motor, Suction pipe + Steel Barrel (260L);
L = Motor, Suction pipe + Steel Barrel (260L) + Limiting Device
(6) *= For further information

Grease Filler Pump DJB-H1.6 Series Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding Vol.Tank Vol.Motor PowerApprox. Weight
DJB-H1.64MPa1.6L/min200 L0.37kw90Kgs

Note: Using the medium for cone penetration of not less than 220 (at 25 150g) lubricant grease and viscosity grade 1/10mm greater than N68

Grease Filler Pump DJB-H1.6 Series Installation Dimensions