Metering Devices Of Dual-line Lubrication Dividers

Metering devices with two feeding lines are for high pressure lubrication purposed, with adjustable and fixed feeding rated optional. There are design with lubrication pin indicator to check the grease feeding volume while its operation. The VSL is design with the same inner structure of VSG series, but with large grease feeding volume for lubrication spot.
Please check the PDF file of VSL below:

Two-Line Grease Metering Device VSL2

VSL2-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Lager flow rate and adjustable
  • 45# High strength steel materials selected
  • Visible piston operation cover
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Two Line Metering Device VSL4

VSL4-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Four greasing feeding ports
  • Double line lubricates supplying
  • Greasing adjustable flow rate available
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VSL6-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Six feeding ports of lubrication
  • Reliable working condition features
  • With indicator pin for working operation
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VSL8-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Eight points of double line dividers
  • 45# strength carbon steel materials
  • Silver zinc plated for resist corrosion
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