HB-P Electric Grease Lubrication Pump

Product: HB-P Electric Grease Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Large grease feeding flow up to 200mL/min., 400mL/min., 800mL/min.
2. Max. working pressure up to 40Mpa/400bar, with 60L-100L grease reservoir
3. Heavy duty electric motor 1.10Kw and 2.20Kw, equipped with cart or dual pump optional

Electric grease pump HB-P series is grease lubrication pump, electric power grease lubrication pump available for multi-lubrication points, wide lubricating point distribution, high grease feeing frequency requirement, for dual and single centralized lubrication system with nominal pressure up to 40(20Mpa).

Electric grease pump HB-P will be able to equipped with mobile cart, hose, grease injection gun and electric cable to the lubrication requirement of low grease frequency, less lubrication points, large feeding volume needed but not easy to use centralized lubrication system, portable to feed the grease.

The grease storage reservoir is also equipped with the grease level automatic alarm device, if matches with the corresponding electrical control box also to be possible to realize automatically control and monitor the lubrication system.

Operation Of Electric Grease Pump HB-P series
1. Electric grease pump HB-P should be mounted and fixed in a vertically location that is easy to service and less dusty, and please to be sure the ambient temperature is suitable for the pump’s operating temperature range from -20°C to + 65°C.

2. Electric grease pumps HB-P should be installed in the center of the lubrication system as far as possible, shortening the system piping length and keeping the minimum pressure drop, so that to ensure the lubrication pump produces enough pressure to overcome the back pressure of the lubrication point

3. The clean grease must be filling in, because the lubricant containing impurities is often the main failure for the electric grease pump and system. The filling the grease in reservoir should be add through inlet port by electric grease filler pump. Before filling the grease in the electric grease pump, it is better to filling in lubricating oil first because it is good flow rate of lubricating oil, it will be full of all the parts in favor of the exclusion of air. Lubricating parts, if any, can’t use the oil, then the pump must operate without air, until the grease to reach the end of the pipe.

4. The electric motor shall rotate clockwise, and the gear box should fill in 50 # mechanical oil to its required level.

5. Pipelines, especially from the pipeline to the oil bearing lubrication and are parts of the lubrication points should be filled with lubricating oil in advance, and then install it.

6. Electric grease pump HB-P is working in indoors, outdoors or in harsh environment applications, it must take protective measures.

Ordering Code Of Electric Grease Pump HB-P Series


(1) HB 
= High and Low Pressure Of Electric Grease Pump 
(2) Max. Pressure: P = 40Mpa/400bar ; L = 20Mpa/400bar
(3) Grease Flow Rate = 200mL/min.
(4) G = Grease as media
(5) C Type = With moveable cart ; B Type = Pump only ;
     S Type= Double pump with one outlet ; D Type = Double pump with two outlet  (Check the dimensions blow)
(6) * = For further information

Electric Grease Pump HB-P Series Technical Data

Flow Rate
Tank Vol.
Motor Power kWVoltageWeight
HB-P(L)400Z40060, 100328kgs

Electric Grease Pump HB-P B Type Series Dimensions

Electric-Grease-Pump-HB-P, BType

Electric Grease Pump HB-P C Type Series Dimensions

Electric-Grease-Pump-HB-P, CType

Electric Grease Pump HB-P S Type Series Dimensions

Electric-Grease-Pump-HB-P, SType

Electric Grease Pump HB-P D Type Series Dimensions

Electric-Grease-Pump-HB-P, D Type