DDB Pump Elements

Product:DDB Lubrication Pump Element
Products Advantage:
1. Very little inner leakage, powerful operation
2.  Standard 8mm tube or 10mm tube connection optional
3. Original part for our DDB pump series, longer service life
Equipped To : DDB10 PumpDDB18 PumpDDB36 Pump

DDB Lubrication Pump Element Introduction

DDB Pump element is the part for multi-point DDB lubrication pump as pump element replacement and pump maintenance parts.
The DDB Pump element should be equipped with our original DDB pump series.

Parts List of DDB Pump Element:
1.Element Piston ; 2. Element Housing ; 3. Element Seat ; 4. Sealing Ring ; 5. Hexagon Fastening
6. Seat Spring ; 7. Sealing Ring ; 8. Sealing Ring ; 9. Poppet ; 10. Steel Ball ; 11. Spring ;
12. Element Bushing ; 13. Tube Connector Cover ; 14. Flare Fitting For Tube 8mm(Standard) ; Ferrule Fitting For Tube 10mm (Check the Connector Picture below)DDB Pump Element Structure
The pump element piston moves out while met the flat surface of eccentric shaft in the DDB Pump, the oil or grease was pressurized into the element chamber. Then the eccentric shaft turns to convex surface, the pump element piston is forced to push on and pushing the element seat to lift up, releasing the grease or oil into the element chamber, the steel ball was pressurized up,  transferring the medium to the tube.

DDB  Grease Pump Element Ordering Code


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) DDBEL = DDB Pump Element
(3) Connector For Tube Size:  T8= Flare Fitting For Tube 8mm(Standard) ; T10= Ferrule Fitting For Tube 10mm
(4) * = For further information

DDB Pump Element Part

DDB  Grease Pump Element Dimensions

DDB Pump Element Dimensions