• Grease Filler Pump DJB-V70
  • Grease Filler Pump DJB-V70 Pump

Product: DJB-V70 Electric Grease Filler Pump 
Products Advantage:
1. The pump is order without grease bucket
2. Easily installing on the grease bucket with 200L
3. Automatic lubrication is available if connection with electric control device

Electric Grease Filler Pump DJB-V70 equals to code BA-2 Grease Filler Pump

Grease Filler Pump DJB-V70 Introduction

Grease filler pump DJB-V70 is designed to equip in the grease central lubrication system, to fill the grease in grease reservoir of grease filler pump. The order code of DJB-V70 is note including grease bucket, but the pump will be able to mount on the 200L grease bucket directly and operation separately. The DJB-V70 is be able to achieve automatic grease filling if connection with the electric advice.

Grease filler pump DJB-V70 consists of piston displacement pump installed inside, driven by worm gear reducer, therefore it is smooth operation, high output pressure, with the function of overload protection set by pressure regulating valve at the outlet port.

The horizontal installed deceleration motor of DJB-V70 electric grease filler pump drives gear to rotates, the eccentric shaft is mounted on the end face of the worm wheel, to drive the plunger up and down reciprocating motion through the crank connecting rod, the one-way isolated valve within the piston and cap to pressure and suction grease through the host to outlet port.

Please noted before operation the DJB-V70 electric pump:

  1. The motor should rotate as per the arrow marked on the motor cover.
  2. The use of grease must be clean, uniform texture, in the range of the specified number.
  3. For the first operation, the gearbox should be filled into the lubricating oil (N220) to the provisions of the oil surface.
  4. First running DJB-V70 pump, the gas valve should be open, and shuttle off until normally working.
  5. Forbidden to start the pump if there is no grease or oil in grease bucket

Ordering Code Of Grease Filler Pump DJB-V70 Series


(1) DJB Series
= Electric Grease Filler Pump (Equals BA-2 pump)
(2) V 
= Nominal Pressure 31.5bar/3.15Mpa
(3) Feeding Volume 
= 70L/Hours
(4) * = For further information

Grease Filler Pump DJB-V70 Series Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding Vol.MotorReduce RatioReduce Box Oil VolumeApprox. Weight

Note: Suitable medium for penetration from 265 to 385 (at 25 150g) grease 1/10mm (NLGI0# ~ 2#)

Grease Filler Pump DJB-V70 Installation Dimensions