Product: LVS Series Lubrication Pneumatic Vent Valve
Products Advantage:
1. Maximum Air Pressure: 0.08MPa (120 psi, 8 bar)
2. Minimum Air Pressure: 0.03MPa (40 psi, 3 bar)
3. Maximum Lubricant Fluid Pressure: 26MPa (3800 psi, 262 bar)

The HS-LVS lubrication pneumatic vent valve connects to high pressure hose and necessary fittings to be installed in a lubrication drum pump. HS-LVS is normally used for oil or grease lubrication equipment incorporating pneumatic operated lubrication pumps to actuate single line parallel HS-HL1 series injectors.

The HS-LVS vent valve let lubrication pump output to built up pressure in order achieving discharge for all assembly HS-HL1 series injectors. The established pressure in the lubrication equipment is then relieved from distribution part thought the port of vent valve to let the injectors reset for the next operation cycle.

HS-LVS-Lubrication Pneumatic Vent Valve Installation
Lubrication Pneumatic Vent Valve-LVS-replacement

The Operation Of HS-LVS vent valve:
The HS-LVS vent valve is controlled by an electric 3/2 solenoid valve in stalled in the lubrication drum pump. There are two steps operation of the HS-LVS vent valve as per the 3/2 way solenoid valve.

  1. When the 3/2 way solenoid valve is energized, the compressed air is carried to the lubrication pump and the air inlet port of the LVS vent valve. The incoming air pushes the piston 4. of the vent vale to the forwarder position and closes the vent valve port. The oil or lubricant from the lubrication pump flows through the supply ports of vent valve into distribution network.
  2. When the 3/2 way solenoid valve is de-energized, the air pressure in the lubrication pump and LVS vent valve is removed, the vent valve becomes rest position and opens the outlet port of vent valve. The pressure established in the lubrication equipment is relieved when excessive oil or lubricants flows through vent port back into the lubrication reservoir, allows HS-HL1 series injectors to reset its working condition for the next cycle.
    Lubrication Vent Valve LVS structure
    1. Vent Valve (Aluminum oxidation)
    3. Vent Valve Body (High carbon steel)
    4 . Piston
    5. Air Piston Packing (Lips up design)
    6. Steel Needle
    7. Valve Seat
    8. Check Seat Gasket
    9.  Air Cylinder
    10. Fluoroelastomer O-RING
    11. Packing Retainer

Ordering Code Of  LVS Series Lube Vent Valve


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) LVL = LVS Series Lubrication Vent Valve
(3) P = Standard Max. pressure, please check the technical data below
(4) * = For further information

LVS Series Lube Vent Valve Technical Data

Technical Data

Maximum Air Pressure120 psi (0.08 MPa, 8 bar)
Maximum Fluid Pressure3800 psi (26 MPa, 262 bar)
Fluid-side wetted partsCarbon Steel & Fluoroelastomer
Air-side wetted partsAluminum & Buna-N
Recommended fluids LubricantN.L.G.I. grade #1 or lighter
Fluid-side wetted parts45# Carbon steel with Zinc plated, Fluoroelastomer

LVS Series Lubrication Vent Valve Installation Dimensions