Grease Filler Pump KGP-700LS

Product: KGP-700LS Electric Grease Filler Pump 
Products Advantage:
1. Powerful electric pump of 0.37Kw
2. Large grease filling volume up to 72L/H with light weight
3. Lowest alarm to control the grease volume easily, normal thread for connection

Grease filler pump KGP-700LS series is used for the dry grease lubrication system, to transport the grease or oil to grease reservoir of lubrication pump. The power source of piston pump is installed in side with gear reducer driven directly to keep the eccentric wheel in reciprocating motion to achieve suction or pressure grease or oil. The Grease filler pump KGP-700LS pump is smooth operation, high pressure output, with a low oil level alarm device will fill the grease in barrel timely.

Please noted before operation the KGP-700LS pump:

  1. Before operation, please fill the gear box in N220 lubricants to to higher oil standard position.
  2. According to the rotation direction shown on the motor cover to wire the electric motor.
  3. The lubricant supplied must be clean, homogeneous, and within the specified grade range.
  4. The nominal pressure of KGP-700LS pump is 3MPa, which has been adjusted by us before leaving our factory, please do not adjust the pressure further.
  5. The hose inner diameter is Φ13mm, external connection thread is M33 × 2, if the lubrication pump filler connection thread is M32 × 3, then please use the alternate transition joints.
  6. The pump has a low alarm device, please fill the barrel in grease or oil promptly after the alarm.
  7. No oil discharge after running the pump, please check:
    A. If there is air mixed in lubricant, please release the air by unscrew the exhaust valve, then tighten the exhaust valve again.
    B. Impurities stuck to the suction port and cause not suction, pressure grease or oil, please remove impurities at the suction port.
  8. Lower pressure at the outlet port, please check:
    A. Whether the one way check valve in the pump stuck by impurities or damaged, clean impurities or replace the check valve.
    B.Please check the seals and pipe joints for leakage, or replace the seal, tighten the connectors.

Ordering Code Of Grease Filler Pump KGP-700LS Series

(1)(2) (3)(4)

(1) KGP 
= Electric Grease Filler Pump
(2) Grease Feeding Volume =
(3) LS 
= Nominal Pressure 30bar/3Mpa
(4) * 
= For further information

Grease Filler Pump KGP-700LS Series Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding Vol.Piston Pump SpeedPiston Pump ReduceMotor PowerReducer Oil VolumeApprox. Weight

Note: Using the medium for the cone penetration of not less than 265 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # ~ 2 #) or greater than the viscosity grade of industrial lubricants N46.

Grease Filler Pump KGP-700LS Series Installation Dimensions

Grease Filler Pump KGP-700LS-dimensions