Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N Series

Product: SDRB-N Heavy Duty Electric Grease Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Large grease feeding flow up to 60mL/min., 195mL/min., 585mL/min. optional
2. Max. working pressure up to 31.5Mpa/315bar, with 20L-90L grease reservoir
3. Heavy duty electric motor 0.37Kw, 0.75Kw, 1.50Kw, optional

Heavy duty grease pump SDRB-N series consists of lubrication pump, directional valve, grease reservoir, pipeline and accessories. There are two electric lubrication pumps mounted on the same base, one operates normally and others as the backup pump, the dual pump is able to be switched automatically by switching the pipeline through directional valve and in the meanwhile, no affect the normal operation of lubrication system. The dual line of grease lubrication pump controlled by electric terminal box, dual pump works simultaneously. The feature of heavy duty grease pump SDRB-N is high pressure, large flow rate, long-distance grease transportation, safety and reliable operation.

Operation Of Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N series
Heavy duty grease pump SDRB-N series should be installed indoors, less dust, small vibration, dry place, fixed with anchor bolts on the foundation, the working place shall be big enough to operate the pump, easy grease supply, inspection, disassembly and maintenance are all convenient occasions.

Lubricating oil (Recommended industrial gear oil N220) should fill in gear box before running the lubrication pump, until the oil level reaches the red line position. After 200 hours of operation the general lubrication pump, the lubricating oil in the gear box should be replaced after every 2000 hours regularly replaced with new oil, the lubricating oil should be always checked and shorten the replacement cycle if any oil deterioration found.

Ordering Code Of Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N Series


(1) SDRB 
= Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N Series
(2) Max. Pressure: N = 31.5Mpa/315bar
(3) Grease Feeding Flow Rate = 60mL/min. (Please Check Tech. Below)
(4) L = Loop
(5) Grease Reservoir= 20L  (Please Check Tech. Below)
(6)Motor Power= 0.37Kw  (Please Check Tech. Below)
(7) * = For further information

Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N Series Technical Data

ModelFlow RatePressure Tank Vol.PipeMotor PowerGrease Penetration (25℃,150g)1/10mmWeight
SDRB-N60L60 mL/min31.5 MPa20LLoop0.37kW265-385405kgs
SDRB-N195L195 mL/min35L0.75kW512kgs
SDRB-N585L585 mL/min90L1.5kW975kgs

Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N Series Symbol

Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB symbol

Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N60L, SDRB-N195L Series Dimensions

Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N60L, SDRB-N195L dimensions

Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N585L Series Dimensions

Heavy Duty Grease Pump SDRB-N585L dimensions