Product: SGQ Grease Lubricant Distributor
Products Advantage:
1. Designed for central lubrication system with pressure under 10Mpa
2. Dual line grease feeding lubrication, one or two way grease transportation available
3. 5 Kinds, 1 – 8 nos. of outlet ports for optional, grease volume from 0.1 to 20 ml/stroke

Grease lubricant distributor SGQ series is two-line lubrication distributor, most applied to dual line grease centralized lubrication system with nominal pressure of 10Mpa as metering grease distributor. The two grease supplying pipes transfer the grease by pressurized pressure alternatively, and distributing the grease by the piston to each outlet port, in order to grease pressed to lubricant required point.

There are two inner constructions of grease lubricant distributor SGQ series, one way or two way grease outlet. The below side port of SGQ transfers the grease as one-way grease out, all the grease is discharging by down side port when the piston moves. There is up and down outlet port will discharge the grease as two way grease out type, positive and negative movement of piston will discharge the grease from the outlet port of upper and lower side, to deliver the grease to each lubrication point alternatively. The operation of grease lubricant distributor SGQ will be able to observe directly by the movement of indicator, also available to adjust the screw within the specified range to easily adjust grease feeding volume to lubrication point.

Grease Lubricant Distributor SGQ Operation & Application:
1. The specified media must be used in the specified environment.

2. Lubricant distributors should be equipped with protective cover mounted in the dust, humidity, harsh environment.

3. Tow inlet port is connected with two grease supply pipes respectively, and the two sides are through, if one side of the grease inlet is not used, available with R3 / 8 screw plug in.

4. Grease lubricant distributor in the lubrication system prior to the use of parallel installation method, the supply pipe and distributor connected to the left or right can be followed by series installation method, the maximum number of series does not allow more than three.

5. Preferential use of the installation plate to install the grease lubricant distributor, the installation surface should be smooth enough, the installation bolts should not be screwed too tight, so as not to affect the deformation of normal work.

6. If to adjust the grease volume, the first rotation of the locking screw on the limiter, and then adjust the adjustment screw, according to the actual needs of the lubrication point in the maximum and minimum oil to adjust the amount of grease within the range. Adjustment should be in the state of retraction of the indicator rod, the adjustment should be tightened after the locking screw.

7. The two side end plug is now allowed to disassembled, if there is a leakage, please tighten the screw plug or replace the new seal.

8. If the number of machine lubrication points is odd, any of outlet port at the low side, the separation of components is be able to remove, and then plug the top of the grease outlet port.

Ordering Code Of Grease Lubricant Distributor SGQ Series


(1) Basic type = SGQ Series DuaL Line Grease Lubricant Distributor
(2) Discharging Ports = 1/ 2 /  3 /  4 / 6 /8 / 10  Optional
(3) Per Port Volume /Cyc. Series = 1/ 2 / 3 / 4 Optional
(4) = Dual Line Supplies ;  = Single Line Supply
(5) * = For further information

Grease Lubricant Distributor SGQ Series Technical Data


Outlet Nos.

Max. PressureOutlet Volume /cyc.Weight


Media: (NLGI0 # ~ 2 #) with a cone penetration of not less than 265 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm, the working environment temperature is -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃.

Grease Lubricant Distributor SGQ Installation Dimensions


SGQ-11 SGQ-21D
SGQ-12 SGQ-22D
SGQ-13 SGQ-23D
SGQ-14 SGQ-24D

SGQ-11 SGQ-21D
SGQ-12 SGQ-22D
SGQ-13 SGQ-23D
SGQ-14 SGQ-24D

SGQ-21 SGQ-41D
SGQ-22 SGQ-42D
SGQ-23 SGQ-43D
SGQ-24 SGQ-44D


SGQ-41 SGQ-81D
SGQ-42 SGQ-82D
SGQ-43 SGQ-83D


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