AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve

Product: SMX-YQ Oil Air Distributor
Products Advantage:
1. Max. oil operation less than 100Bar,
2. Several middle elements for different feeding volume
3. One or two outlet ports for optional

SMX-YQ oil air distributor are superimposed by modular single-line progressive dividers and distributor. There is one inlet, two air inlet ports, 3 to 16 oil and air outlet ports. Applicable to single-line binary oil and air lubrication system and two-line – progressive oil and air lubrication system.

SMX-YQ Oil+Air Distributor Usage

  1. SMX-YQ oil air distributor must be used in the provisions of the environment within the provisions of the medium.
  2. Compressed air interface must be with the oil and air system dedicated compressed air network pipeline connection, is strictly prohibited with other unknown origin of the air supply line connection, so as to avoid accidents.
  3. The installation of SMX-YQ oil air distributor should be given priority to in the good working conditions, the temperature change is small, non-corrosive media affected parts, never allowed to install in a long time by high temperature radiation baking occasions.
  4. The number of outlet ports of SMX-YQ oil air distributor should be changed, please ask the us instructions, or consult us directly.

Ordering Code Of SMX YQ Oil Air Lubrication Distributor Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) SMX = SMX YQ Oil Air Lubrication Distributor
(3) Distributor Segment Numbers
(4) Piston Type = 04, 08, 16, 24, 32, 40(Check Chart Below)
(5) Oil and Air Type Distributor
(6) For Further Information

SMX-YQ Oil Air Lubrication Distributor Technical Information

ModelOil PressureAir PressurePiston TypeOil Feeding Volume
Outlet Port

SMX-YQ Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Dimensions

AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve and Air Oil Divider Dimensions