Lincoln Pump Element

Product: Lincoln Pump Element
Products Advantage:
1. Pump element for Lincoln lubrication grease pump
2. Standard threaded for easily replacement Lincoln pump, 1 year limited warranty
3. Precisely stroke of piston delivery, strictly dimensions fitness between components


Lincoln Pump Element Introduction

Lincoln pump element is designed to match the element of Lincoln lubrication grease pump, in order to replace and maintain its grease pump.

Please check the below picture of Lincoln pump element principle which shows the eccentric is driven by the electric motor, the piston of pump element will operation like below two stage:

  • The lubricant is sucked in through the grease reservoir while the piston pulled to left side of the element chamber
  • The lubricant is dispensed through the element chamber to each connection lubrication points via lubricant distributors.

1.  Eccentric  ;  2.  Piston  ;  3. Spring  ;   4. Check valve

Lincoln Pump Element Ordering Code


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) LKPEL = Lincoln Pump Element
(3) M Threaded = M22x1.5
(4) * = For further information

Lincoln Pump Inner Structure

Lincoln Pump Element Inner Structure
1.  Piston  ;  2. Return Spring  ;   3. Check valve

Lincoln Pump Element Dimensions

Lincoln Pump Element Dimensions