DR3-4 Hydraulically Directional Valve

Product: DR6 Auto Hydraulically Control, Directional Valve 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation up to 40Mpa
2. Pressure adjustment range: 5 -38Mpa
3. Available for dual line terminal type lubrication system

DR6 auto hydraulically directional valve is specially designed for the high pressure, large grease displacement dual line terminal centralized lubrication system.

The new development design of DR6 auto hydraulically directional valve is a innovation the two line terminal grease or oil centralized lubrication system, the DR6 integrates the electromagnetic / electric two-position four-way valve and pressure control valve, pressure switch used in the original lubrication system, a combination of two devices in one function, thus greatly reducing the big size of lubrication equipment and the probability of failure in electrical control section, to further optimize the electrical control in lubrication system.

Usage Of DR6 Auto Hydraulically Directional Valve:

  1. DR6 auto hydraulically directional valve is recommended to use in the nominal pressure of 40MPa, the displacement of more than 150ml / min of the lubrication system, the actual max. pressure of switching should not exceed 38MPa.
  2. 2.Carefully confirmed that the valve inlet P connects to lubrication pump grease or oil supply port, DR6 valve return port connects to the return line and make sure that the oil return line should be no blocked.
  1. According to the working operation of lubrication system, a favorable pressure pre-setting adjustment of DR6 valve should be set (Pressure switch screw to the right to adjust the pressure to increases, left-handed turns the pressure to reduce the pressure), promptly tighten fasten the screw nut after adjustment.
  2. Regularly check the operation of dual line lubrication distributor in the lubrication system, if the operation pressure is supplied too low, the switching pressure should be promptly adjusted to high a little bit.

Technical Data Of Auto Lubrication Directional Valve DR6 Series

ModelMax. PressurePressure Adj.Switch TypeWeight

Dimensions Of Auto Lubrication Directional Valve DR6 Series