Lubrication Vent Valve

Product: LVL Series Lubrication Vent Valve
Products Advantage:
1. Max. hydraulic pressure up to 10 MPa, 103 bar
2. Max. lubrication pressure up to 26 MPa, 262 bar
3. Available fluids: Lubricant N.L.G.I. grade #1 or lighter

HS-LVL Series lubrication vent valve is used for automatic lubrication equipment with air powered parallel single-line, equipped in the pressure lubrication pump.The port of HS-LVL lubrication vent valve is designed to connect the pressure relief valve, air vent port, lubricant inlet and outlet port and hydraulic port, to control and limit the pressure in the pump of lubrication equipment.


Ordering Code Of  LVL Series Lubrication Vent Valve


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) LVL = LVL Series Lubrication Vent Valve
(3) P = Standard Max. pressure, please check the technical data below
(4) * = For further information

LVL Series Lubrication Vent Valve Technical Data

Technical Data

Maximum hydraulic pressure1500 psi (10 MPa, 103 bar)
Maximum lubricant pressure3800 psi (26 MPa, 262 bar)
Hydraulic pressure required to seal valve lubricant pressure with 3500 psi (24 MPa, 241 bar)200psi (1.4 MPa, 14 bar)
Recommended fluidsLubricant N.L.G.I. grade #1 or lighter
Hydraulic-side wetted parts45# Carbon steel, alum., buna–N
Fluid-side wetted parts45# Carbon steel with Zinc plated, Fluoroelastomer

LVL Series Lubrication Vent Valve Structure

1. Vent Valve Body
2. Gasket
3. Valve Seat
4. O-ring, fluoroelastomer
5. Aluminum retainer
6. Needle
7. Steel Piston with buna seal
8. Hydraulic Cylinder

LVL Series Lubrication Vent Valve Installation Dimensions