Product : SRB-2.0-1.0-DG or SG (KM-3M); SRB-2.0-3.5-DG or SG (KM-12M); SRB-2.5-1.5-D or S (KMO-3M); SRB-2.5-5.0-D or S (KMO-12M) Of Manual Lubrication Pump Hand Operated, Grease Lubrication

Equal Code With KM & SRB Series:
KM-3M = SRB-2.0-1.0-DG; SRB-2.0-1.0-SG
KM-12M = SRB-2.0-3.5-DG; SRB-2.0-3.5-SG
KMO-3M = SRB-2.5-1.5-D; SRB-2.5-1.5-S
KMO-12M = SRB-2.5-5.0-D; SRB-2.5-5.0-S

Manual lubrication pump of SRB, KM series is Hand Operated, grease lubricating, small pump, usually equipped installed on the wall or bracket of machines.
SRB, KM series of manual lubrication pump is be able to consist of manual progressive centralized lubrication system with progressive valves, or to combine with dual terminal centralized lubrication system if equipped with directional valve and dual divider valves.
Manual lubrication pump of SRB, KM application:
– Applies to lower frequency of lubrication (For grease/oil feeding intervals generally less than 8 hours)
– For pipes with DN10 and length not more than 50 meters
– Used For single small device with lubrication points not more than 40 points
– As lubricant of centralized lubrication equipment feeding

Ordering Code Of Manual Lubrication Pump SRB Series


(1) SRB (KM) Series = Manual Lubrication Pump
(2) Displacement
= 2.0mL/stroke ; 2.5mL/stroke
(3) Reservoir volume
= 1.0L; 1.5L; 3.5L; 5.0L
(4) D
= Dual lineS = Single line
(5) G
= Grease as mediaO = Oil as media

Manual Lubrication Pump SRB, KM Series Technical Data:

Model (Equal Code)Nominal PressureRate FlowGrease Tank Weight

Note:Using the medium for cone penetration 265 (25°C, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # -2 #) and viscosity grade lubricant is greater than the N68 , Ambient temperature -10°C ~ 40°C.

orking Principle Of Manual Lubrication Pump SRB, KM Series

1= Gear ; 2= Piston ; 3= Piston chamber ; 4= Spool ; 5= Check valve

Manual lubrication pump SRB, KM series is operated and made reciprocation by steel handle to lubricate through gear 1 and gear piston. When the piston is on the right place, the volume in left side chamber increases to from a vacuum, then the grease or in reservoir is pressurized to left side chamber of piston by the action of spring and piston plate.
When the piston moves to left side, the inner lubricating grease is pressed to channel A and pushes the spool 4 to at the end of right position, grease or oil flows out through open check valve 5. The right side chamber of piston increases at the moment, therefore, the lubricating oil is pressurized in, the full lubricant oil chamber gradually becomes smaller when the piston while the piston moves to right side. The lubrication oil is pressurized to channel B, pushing the spool 4 moves to left side, to open the check valve 5 and discharging grease or oil.
The directional control valve is equipped at the bottom of manual lubrication pump SRB, KM series, the dual line supplying is available if switching the spool position of directional valve by operation the valve level.

Manual Lubrication Pump SRB, KM Series Installation Dimensions

Manual Lubrication Pump SRB, KM Series dimensions
Manual Lubrication Pump SRB, KM Series dimensions