Metering Devices Of Dual-line Lubrication Dividers

The metering devices – two line progressive lubrication divider is designed with two supplying pipes and two outlets, when the pressure in the divider valve reaches presetting stage, one outlet ports start to dispense the grease or oil until meets the change-over valve switch pressure, which allows another outlet to dispense alternatively.
Please check the PDF file of VSG below:

Grease Metering Device VSG2

VSG2-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Standard greasing feeding ports
  • Fine high strength raw materials selected
  • Silver zinc surface plated resist-corrosion
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Lubricating Device VSG4

VSG4-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Four greasing feeding ports
  • Standard connection threaded
  • Greasing adjustable flow rate available
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VSG6-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Six greasing feeding ports
  • Stable working condition features
  • With indicator pin for visible operation
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Dual-Line-Metering-Device-VSG 8KR

VSG8-KR Distributor, Metering Device

  • Eight greasing feeding ports
  • 45# strength carbon steel materials
  • Silver zinc plated for resist corrosion
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