DDB-XPE Multi Point Grease Lubrication Pump

Product: DDB-XPE Grease Multi Line Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 31.5 Mpa
2. Up to 15 Multi points available
3. Each injector with pressure gauge for visual and micro computer control

DDB-XPE Grease multi line lubrication pump is widely used in the lubrication system where the pipeline is distributed within 50 meters; there are two ways to design the lubrication system as grease or oil pipe supplying:

  1. Direct grease or oil supply with point-to-point, meeting the friction surface with high temperature and high temperature, such as bearings, bush shafts, large area bushings, etc.
  2. Equipped with single-line progressive distributors, graded supplying oil, suitable for the friction surface of centralized oil supply, such as small area of bearings, bushings and so on. The DDB-XPE grease multi line lubrication pump has made major improvements in its design. Its features are as follows:

(1) The overall performance of the DDB-XPE grease multi line lubrication pump is improved and the output pressure is 31.5 MPa.
(2) Each line is equipped with a pressure monitoring valve and the failure is clear.
(3) The entire system is compact and has a small installation space.
(4) The amount of grease or oil feeding is 5ml/min, direct supply type is often suitable for closed rolling bearing shaft, sleeve, bearing tile and other sports vice.
(5) The DDB-XPE grease multi line lubrication pump is suitable for hundreds of lubrication points.

Usage & Operation:

  1. The series of DDB-XPE grease multi line lubrication pump should be installed in a location where the ambient temperature is appropriate, dust is small, and it is convenient for replenishing, adjusting, checking, maintaining and other convenient places.
  2. Always check the lubricating oil in the reservoir to maintain an oily state. Never run without grease or oil or lack of oil.
  3. Before starting the lubrication pump for the first time, add about 30 ml of engine oil to the cylinder and then add lithium grease. No oil is forbidden to run the motor.
  4. It must be operated in the direction of the motor cover and must not be reversed.
  5. The grease or oil in the DDB-XPE grease multi line lubrication pump be kept clean, and prevent the splashing material from entering the pump tank and will affect the service life of the grease lubrication pump.

Ordering Code Of DDB-XPE Multi Point Grease Lubrication Pump


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) DDB = DDB Multi-Point Lubrication Pump
(3) Series = XPE Series (DDB-X With pressure gauge for each injector+ micro computer control)
(4) Nos. Of Outlet Port =  1 ~ 15 For Optional
(5) * = For further information

DDB-XPE Multi Point Grease Lubrication Pump Technical Data

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