Product: Lubrication pump ZPU-Centralized Lubrication Grease Pump
Product Advantage:
1. Max. operation pressure up to 400bar/40Mpa/5800psi
2. Volume of grease tank with 40L, 60L, 100L optional
3. Three different lubricating range of 133ml/min., 233ml/min., 400ml/min. with 3 motor powers for option

Lubrication pump ZPU is centralized lubrication pump is used for progressive or dual grease lubrication system where requires high lubricating frequency, large pipe length and max. operation pressure up to 400bar/40Mpa, as a device of lubricating grease supplying. Lubrication pump ZPU is available to equip with mobile cart, high pressure host, grease gun and electric wire to consists of movable centralized lubrication pump system, the ZPU pump with cart is often used for a progressive lubrication system which requires low lubricating frequency, little lubricating points, large volume of lubricating and easily mobile lubrication.

Lubrication pump ZPU is an electric grease pump driven by gear motor unit, discharge grease lubricant at single outlet port, there are grease displacement optional as per different lubricating requirement. The ZPU will be able to transfer the grease to longer lubricating point with small dimensions of lubricating pipe.

Noted Before Operation Of Lubrication Pump ZPU – Centralized Lubrication Pump:
1. The ZPU pump should be installed in a suitable working position such as right ambient temperature, less dust, easy adjustment, inspection, maintenance, washable and easy grease filling in.
2. The ZPU pump is better installed in the center of lubricating system, in order to shorten the length of the pipe, maintain a minimum pressure drop, enable the ZPU pump generated enough pressure to overcome the backpressure from lubrication points.
3. Certain amount of grease should be filling in for first operation, enable the ZPU pump to run in a few minutes, then filling the grease in from inlet port by electrical motor pump.
4, Motor reducer of ZPU pump should be added with some Aluminum disulfide lubricant 3 # through vent plug, then the supplement in every four months.
5. The ZPU pump should be placed indoors, it must take protective measures for any outdoors or in harsh environment applications.

Ordering Code Of Lubrication pump ZPU

(1) (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

(1) Centralized Lubrication Pump : ZPU
(2) Pump Displacement
: 08= 8L/h; 14= 14 L/h; 24= 24 L/h
(3) Pump Driven Type
: G= Mounted with flanged gear motor, construction IMB5; C= Orbit reducer for 3-phase motor; F = With free shaft end;
(4) Grease Reservoir Capacity
: 40= 40L ; 60=60L; 100= 100 L
(5) Tank Volume Protection
: XN = Standard design: reservoir for grease; XYBU= Reservoir with low & high level control by a ultrasonic sensor; XB = Grease reservoir with high and low-level control; XV = Grease reservoir for high level control ; XL = Grease reservoir for low-level control
(6) Electric Motor Powers
: 380VAC With 50Hz / 60Hz

Lubrication pump ZPU Technical Data

ZPU Lubrication Pump Centralized Type
Working Pressure:
Max. operation pressure: 400bar/40Mpa
Motor Powers:
0.37Kw ; 0.55Kw ; 1.10Kw

Motor Voltage:
380V/50HZ ; 380V/60HZ
Grease Tank:
40L ; 60L ; 100L
Grease Feeding Volume:  
135mL/time; 235L/time; 400L/time

Technical Data Of Lubrication Pump ZPU Series:

ModelMax. pressureReservoir CapacityFeeding VolumeReducer MotorWeight
ZPU08400bar/40Mpa40L / 100L135ml/min.0.37Kw/380V76Kgs

Lubrication Pump ZPU Installation Dimensions


1. Grease Reservoir ; 2. Pump base ; 3. Piston pump with connection flange ; 4、Speed reduce motor ; 5. Filling port G3/4 ; 6. Grease return port G3/4 ; 7. Adjustable safety valve ; 8. Outlet port G3/4 ; 9. Filter ; 10. Check valve