DDB-XE Multi-Point Electric Lubrication Pump

Product: DDB-XE Grease Multi Point Electric Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation up to 25 Mpa
2.0~36 Multi points for optional
3. Automatically time presetting for stop, start and stoke period of lubrication control

DDB-XE Grease multi point electric lubrication pump is equipped with mini. computer system, the related oil supply period, stop period, arbitrary settings, the formation of regular feeding volume, automatic circulation of oil to ensure the normal lubrication working operation, while reducing fuel consumption, saving electricity and energy saving, The performance of DDB-XE grease multi point electric lubrication pump is very reliable, suitable for metallurgical machinery, cement machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, conveyor machinery, vibration equipment and gas furnaces and other lubrication systems and lubrication equipment.

Usage Of DDB-XE Grease Multi Point Electric Lubrication Pump

  1. How to close certain injectors:
    Turn on the motor and stop the motor when the oil scraper inside the tank rotating to the opposite side of the close injector. Screw out this injector, take out the spring, the piston rod and piston sleeve, then use a hook to get the big piston sleeve, hook the oil suction hole above it and rotate 180°, then put the piston sleeve and piston rod and spring reinstall and tighten the injector again.
  1. How fix the problem if there is no grease or oil out:
    When the injector of DDB-XE grease multi point electric lubrication pump flow no oil or grease out, it may be caused by the air is in the piston and stops the grease or oil out.

Then rotating scraper inside the oil tank to the opposite side position of the non-working injector, then stops the motor. Screw out the non-working injector including the spring and piston rod, and the oil is taken from the oil tank with the index finger. Press the oil in the lower oil outlet hole and force the oil into the piston hole to discharge the air, and so on. Repeat the operation 5-6 times to remove the air from the piston suction hole. Then, after the removed spring and the small piston rod are reinstalled, the oil injector is tightened and the motor is started. If the oil and pressure is normal , the fault is eliminated.

Ordering Code Of DDB-XE Multi-Point Electric Lubrication Pump


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) DDB = DDB Multi-Point Lubrication Pump
(3) Series = XE Series (DDB-X With Micro Computer Control)
(4) Lube Point Nos. = 1~ 36 for option
(5) * = For further information

DDB-XE Multi-Point Electric Lubrication Pump Technical Data

ModelOutlets Nos.Max. PressureMotor VoltageMotor PowerTank VolumeWeight
DDB-XE1~361~3625Mpa380V0.35 ~0.55kw8-30L50~80Kg

HS-XE Digital Display Cycle Timer Feature

HS-XE Digital display cycle timer adopts new single-chip circuit, two sets of preset number dial switches which can arbitrarily set the time value of two time periods (TA Value, TB Value), suitable for two lubrication equipment to work cyclically or one lubrication equipment cycle intermittently. The application of this digital display cycle timer can realize automatic timed loop control of your electrical equipment, improve the reliability of lubrication equipment operation and increase economic benefits.
It is the best selection for control of electrical lubrication equipment.

Main Technical Data:
– Input voltage ~220VAC ; ~380VAC optional
– Power ≤3VA
– Use environment:
1. Ambient temperature: -10 °C – +40 °C.
2. The altitude is ≤2000M.
3. There is no significant shaking and rain and snow attack.
4. No corrosive metal, destroying insulating gas and dust.
– Time setting:

Time CodeTime ValueTime Range
0.1S0.1 Second0.1s ~ 99.9s
S1 Second1s ~ 999s
M1 Minute1m ~ 999m
H1 Hour1h ~ 999h

Electric Wire Connection Of HS-XE Digital Display Cycle Timer

HS-XE Digital display cycle timer wire connection

DDB-XE Lubrication Pump Installation Dimensions