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Product: SJB-V25 Manual Grease Filler Pump
Products Advantage:
1. For filling grease or oil to lubrication system with pressure from 31.5 Mpa to 40Mpa
2. Grease filter mounted to clean the medium and grease level observation
3. Large grease/ oil tank with light weight for portable and movable working condition

Manual Grease Filler Pump SJB-V25 Introduction

Grease filler pump SJB-V25 is manual grease filler pump with 25ml/stroke volume grease feeding pump, hand operation lube pump. Manual grease filler pump SJB-V25 pump is available for the pressure level within 31.5MPa manual lubrication pump or pressure level 40MPa small electric pump lubrication to fill lubricant grease or oil in.

Because of the SJB-V25 pump has an filter equipped with, oil level display and convenient operation, especially better for supplying the grease or oil to reservoir of lubrication pump but without filter device at inlet port.

Manual grease filler pump SJB-V25 is operated by the handle level, when the downward movement of the operating level, the shutter closed and piston chamber volume becomes smaller, the grease along the conveyor hose to the oil reservoir, the lower portion of the piston volume gradually increases, a negative pressure to open the suction part, the inner barrel grease inhalation. When the handle upward movement, the piston chamber forms negative pressure, the valve is opened, closed suction part, grease into the upper chamber of the piston. When the handle of grease filler pump SJB-V25 is moved downward again, repeat the process.

Ordering Code Of Manual Grease Filler Pump SJB-V25 Series


(1) SJB Series
= Manual Grease Filler Pump 
(2) V 
= Nominal Pressure 31.5bar/3.15Mpa
(3) Feeding Volume 
= 25mL/stroke
(4) * = For further information

Manual Grease Filler Pump SJB-V25 Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding Vol. Tank VolumeForce On HandleApprox. Weight

Note: Using the medium for the cone penetration of not less than 220 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease and oil viscosity grades greater than N46.

Manual Grease Filler Pump SJB-V25 Installation Dimensions

Manual Grease Filler Pump SJB-V25