DDB-XP Multi Line Grease Lubrication Pump

Product: DDB-XP Grease Multi Line Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 31.5 Mpa
2. Up to 15 Multi points available
3. Each injector has the pressure gauge for visual

DDB-XP Multi-Line lubrication pump is high-pressure electric lubrication pump which is suitable for low lubricating frequency for the pipeline is distributed in a lubrication system within 50 meters. DDB-XP Multi-line lubrication pump can be used for point-to-point equal quantity in grease or direct supply lubrication system. It can also be equipped with a single-line distribution of various oil supply lubrication systems.

DDB-XP Multi-Line lubrication pump is a new high pressure direct supply system designed for the pressure shortage of the grease or oil direct supply lubrication system. The maximum output pressure increased to 31.5 MPa, which better compensated for the low winter weather in the northern market where usually face the problem of grease or oil disorders in lubrication systems. The DDB-XP series is widely used in the industry of metallurgy, mining, building materials, rubber, forging, ceramics and other industries with good performance and low price.
DDB-XP Multi-Line lubrication pump is a vacuum suction type piston pump, which runs through a worm and a worm wheel in a motor-linked pump body, and a pushing sleeve on a central shaft. After the parallel radial movement, the large piston is used to complete grease or oil supply, and the central shaft moves simultaneously, the oil pressure plate is driven and the grease, oil wiper rotates synchronously, and the grease or oil is continuously pressed into the filter surface and is sucked into the large column body. Each rotation of the oil wiper, each oil injector/ nozzle is feeding or the oil once.

Operation Of DDB-XP Multi-Line Lubrication Pump

  1. Check the connection of line is normal, and turn on the power (380V AC power supply), then open the tank cover and observe whether the direction of rotation of the oil wiper is the same as the direction indicated by the marked arrow on the tank. Otherwise, it will damage the filter and other components, and will result in failure of supplying grease or oil.
  2. When selecting an appropriate grease, when the outside temperature is 20°C or higher, it is recommended to use a grease with a penetration of 265 or more. When the outside temperature is 20°C or lower, it is recommended to use a needle penetration of 300 or more (Whether the grease is used, the appropriate simple visual inspection method: When the pump is working, the groove trace can rotate with the fusion after the oil wiper rotates. That is suitable grease, otherwise the grease needs to be replaced).
  3. Open the lid to fill the grease (if the grease in the pump is hardened or deteriorated) and fill it with compaction, taking care not to mix impurities, air bubbles, etc.
  4. Start the power supply and observe that all the oil injector / nozzles are working normally.

Note: Before operation of DDB-XP Multi-Line Lubrication Pump:

  1. The DDB-XP multi-line lubrication pump should be installed in the middle of the lubrication point farthest away.
  2. Grease or oil in the pump tank should be clean. At 20°C or above, select 2 or more grease. When the outside temperature is below 20°C, select grease above 0°C. Lubricating oil must have a viscosity greater than N68.
  3. The oil level in the barrel must not be lower than the top of the shaft to prevent evacuation. The intake air will not result in oil.
  4. For every 300 hours of operation, change the oil in the worm gear chamber once.

Ordering Code Of DDB-XP Multi Line Grease Lubrication Pump


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) DDB = DDB Multi-Point Lubrication Pump
(3) Series = XP Series (DDB-X With pressure gauge for each injector as visual )
(4) Nos. Of Outlet Port =  1 ~ 15 For Optional
(5) * = For further information

DDB-XP Multi Line Grease Lubrication Pump Technical Data

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