YCK-P5-differential pressure switch

Product: YCK-P5/SG-A Differential Pressure Switch 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 40 Mpa
2. Voltage of switch up to 500VAC
3. Sensitive signal response, easily installation


YCK-P5/SG-A Differential pressure switch is used in the dual line centralized lubrication system with the nominal pressure up to 40Mpa to control directional valve or monitoring the lubrication equipment or system, using two pipe pressure to send electric signal, while the pressure difference reaches 5MPa, as the signal is to control the switching of directional or monitor the lubrication equipment or lubrication system. It is generally installed in the terminal type two-line centralized lubrication system at the terminal of the two main pipeline.

Differential Pressure Switch YCK-P5/SG-A Working Principle
As the vale housing of differential pressure switch and the pressure stroke switch are assembled on a base plate. Grease is pressurized from the main pipe B into the right chamber of differential pressure switch valve piston, while the main pipeline A unloading the pressure at the same time. Once the pressure of the two main pipes reaches 5MPa, the piston moves over the left chamber by spring force and moves the stroke switch so that contacts 1 and 2 are closed, then the differential pressure switch YCK-P5 sends a pulse signal to the system control box, switches the directional valve, then the main pipe A pressurized, pipe B unloading pressure, the piston in the chamber keeps the center by the spring, the contacts 1 and 2 are disconnected and the bridge is centered. The system begins the second cycle of work, once the main pipe A and B between the pressure and reached 5MPa, the piston to the right side, the contact of switch 3 and 4 are closed, the pulse signal again makes the valve in the system switching once more, starting the next cycle of work.

Differential Pressure Switch YCK-P5/SG-A Usage
1. Differential pressure switch YCK-P5 should be installed in the ventilation, dry, easy to observe, and no movement around the parts of the interference
2. Differential pressure switch YCK-P5 should be installed in the terminal-type two line centralized lubrication system at the end of the main pipeline, there is a two-line distributor should be installed behind, to prevent the grease become aging, dry and affect the sensitivity.
3.The wiring of stroke switch should be transferred to the middle of the bridge and fasten the screws.

Ordering Code Of Differential Pressure Switch YCK-P5/SG-A Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) YCK/SG-A = Differential Pressure Switch YCK-P5/SG-A Series
(3) Max. Pressure=  40Mpa/400Bar
(4) Signal Difference Pressure = 5Mpa
(5) For Further Information

Differential Pressure Switch YCK-P5/SG-A Series Technical Data

ModelMax. PressureSignal PressureSignal FlowMax.Voltage Of SwitchMax.CurrentWeight

Terminal Pressure Control YCK-P5/SG-A Series Dimensions