Grease Directional Valve 24EJF-P

Product:  24EJF-P/SA-V Grease Directional Valve 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation pressure up to 400bar/40Mpa
2. AC Electric motor powered, small and reliable operation
3. Quick response and switching the flow direction way, easily portable

Grease directional valve 24EJF-P (SA-V) is two position, 4 way directional valve powered by a DC motor to switch spool movement in the condition of open and close of the oil pipeline or change the direction of an integrated oil supply control device.
Grease directional valve 24E J FP designed as reliable operation even in harsh working conditions (such as low temperature or high viscosity grease). This grease directional valve is suitable for grease or oil lubrication system with the nominal pressure of 40MPa or less and in the main branch pipe of the hydraulic system. SA-V grease directional valve can also be used as two-position four-way; two-position three-way and two-position two-way, three type of directional valve .

Grease directional valve 24EJF-P (SA-V) is mainly composed of DC motor, limit switch, valve housing, rectifier transformer device and other components installed in the same steel plate and placed in the protective shell composition.

The electric control box in the system sends out the switching signal (the end pressure switch of the system) to make the DC motor rotate, drives the spool through the eccentric wheel as linear reciprocating motion. When the spool moves to the required reversing position, the valve end of the baffle touch limit switch to act, issued an electrical signal to the electronic control box, ordered to stop the DC motor rotation, complete the switching process.

How To Operate Grease Directional Valve 24EJF-P (SA-V) Series:
1. The grease directional valve 24EJF-P (SA-V) valve should be installed in the front of the main and branch pipes of the system, should be installed in the area where ventilation and drying are easy to inspect and the surroundings can not interfere with the movement mechanism.
2. When used as 2/2 valve, the oil port to be “B” and return port “R” should be blocked.
3. When used as 3/2 valve, the oil port to be “B” should be blocked.
4. The electrical connection according to the principle of connection below.
Grease Directional Valve 24EJF-P wire connection

Ordering Code Of Grease Directional Valve 24EJF-P (SA-V) Series

Model Max. Pressure Switch Time Input VoltageMotor VoltageMotor PowerMotor Torque Weight
HS- 24EJF-P (SA-V)40Mpa0.5S220V AC24V DC50W 20N.m 13kgs

Grease Directional Valve 24EJF-P (SA-V) Dimensions

Grease Directional Valve 24EJF-P-dimensions