YXQ Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator

Product: YXQ Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 4bar
2. Indicator size from 10mm ~ 80mm
3. Threaded and flange connection for option

YXQ Oil Flow Indicator Series:
YXQ-10, YXQ-15、YXQ-20, YXQ-25, YXQ-32, YXQ-40, YXQ-50, YXQ-80

YXQ Lubricating oil flow indicator is used for oil lubrication system, which can visually observe the rate of the oil flow and through its transmitter device to send a alarm signal to remind the oil shortage or flow breaking, in order to achieve long-distance monitoring or flow control, the medium of viscosity available grade is N22 – N460 lubricants. Diameter from DN10 ~ DN50 as the threaded connection, the DN80 is the flange connection with the max. pressure 4bar.

YXQ Lubricating oil flow indicator is a combination of integrated circuit transmitter device, which better than other oil flow indicator using device in the magnet, reed relay transmitter device has many advantages, such as action sensitive, reliable, stable, long life.

YXQ Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator Usage:
1. YXQ Lubricating oil flow indicator will send the single while the flow is broken will issue the signal device to send the alarm.
2. Installation of the YXQ lubricating oil flow indicator should be follow the direction of its oil flow, and keeping the level horizontally, can not be installed vertically, no inverted installation allowed.
3. The corresponding connection of the length of the external thread can not be bigger than the length of the internal threaded of the indicator, generally not more than 16mm, to prevent external thread and the spool of the flow indicator collided, to effect of the use.
4. On the concept of zero pointer to give a note: This means that there is no pressure within the system (or completely unloading) in the case of pointer response tends to zero.
5. When the system (the front of the oil flower inlet) has a certain pressure, or even a small value, then the pointer has a certain reading.

Ordering Code Of YXQ Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) YXQ = Oil Grease Lubricating Indicator
(3) Indicator Size (See the chart below)
(4) For Further Information

Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator YXQ Series Technical Data  And Dimension

YXQ Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator Dimensions
ModelSize(mm)Max. Pressure
YXQ-80800.4Flange DN8026017019080~140φ 200φ 200~9.8