– Why Lubrication Equipment Needed? –

Adding grease by a lubrication equipment or lubrication system between two opposing rubbing surfaces, to form a layer of antifriction lubricant film, it will reduce friction coefficient, reducing friction, decreasing power consumption. For example, if the friction based on in good fluid condition, the friction coefficient will pretty low, and at this point of friction between the liquid lubricating film is mainly internal molecule to slip each other with a low shear resistance.
The lubricant or grease between the friction surfaces can greatly reduce adhesive wear, surface fatigue wear, abrasive wear and corrosion wear. If oxidation added in the lubricant, corrosion inhibitors have been conducive to corrosion and wear, or in oily agent, extreme pressure agents , extreme pressure agents can effectively reduce adhesive wear and surface fatigue wear.
Lubricants can reduce the friction coefficient, reducing the generation heat of friction, which can reduce the temperature rise caused by frictional heat. Using lubrication equipment, centralized lubrication system can take away the heat generated by friction, by cooling the temp. in order to control the mechanical operation within the required temperature range.
The mechanical surface is inevitable and surrounding media exposure (such as air , moisture, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids, etc.), so that the metal surface will rust, corrosion and damage after certain time. Especially the high-temperature workshop like metallurgical plants and chemical plants, is even more serious corrosion and wear.
The lubrication grease or oil on metal with no corrosion, but they can used be to isolate from humid air moisture and harmful media. The metal surface needed to coat with preservative and anti-corrosion additives of oil or grease to prevent corrosion and erosion.
Friction wear particles and foreign media particles will be further accelerated wear of the friction surface, but it can be taken away by the lubricant circulating oil system, and then filter it again through a filter. Engine grease or oil can also disperse dust and all kinds of sediment to keep the engine clean.
Friction lubricant adsorbed on the surface, although the thickness is very small, but it has the ability to absorb impact from shock loading, and playing a role in damping down noise as well.
Steam engines , compressors, internal combustion engine with a piston , lubricating oil can not only play the role of lubrication friction, but also enhance the sealing effect, it does not leak in operation, improve work efficiency.

– The Key Principle Of Lubrication System –

  • Right Lubricating Time
    Automatically changing lubrication grease and presetting the time, making maintenance facility easily.
  • Right Place Installation
    Lubrication equipment or component should be installed in the right working place for grease requirement.
  • Right Grease Amount
    The precision of grease feeding is key for lubrication system, not too much, just right amount
  • Right Qualified Component 
    Selection of good quality of lubrication component not only saving time but maintenance cost
  • Right Device Type
    Choosing the correct lubrication device is doing good for protection of lubrication equipment & system.

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