Lubrication Junction Manifold Blocks

Product: HLD Series Lubrication Junction Manifold Blocks
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation pressure of steel materials up to 35MPa, 350bar
2. Standard or custom threaded connection
3. Zinc or chrome plated, better seal for HS-HL-1 injectors

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HLD Lubrication Junction Manifold Blocks Introduction

The HLD series of Lubrication junction manifold blocks provide multiple landing points to the series HS-HL-1 injectors to a centralized lubrication equipment or system. With the centralized lubrication junction manifold blocks bearing can be lubricated together by using our HS-HLD blocks, feeding the lubrication or machinery line and fittings.


HLD Series Lubrication Junction Manifold Blocks Ordering Code


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) HLD = HL Series Oil Grease Lubrication Pump
(3) Point Numbers = 01-06 (Normal), special 7-15
(4) S = High carbon steel ; A = Aluminum
(5) For Further Information

HLD Series Lubrication Junction Manifold Blocks  Dimensions

Lubricant block Dimensions

Injector, HL-1, One PointN/A63.00mm
Injector, HL-1, Two Point76.00mm
Injector, HL-1, Three Point31.70mm107.50mm
Injector, HL-1, Four Point63.40mm139.00mm
Injector, HL-1, Five Point95.10mm170.50mm
Injector, HL-1, Six Point126.80mm202.70mm