Air Grease Lubricating Pump, APG Series

Product: APG Air Grease Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Air operated, grease lubricating pump
2. Max. grease outlet port for fast lubricating
3. Equipped with oil-water separator, injector and host, longer service life

APG Air Operated, Pneumatic Grease Lubrication Pump Introduction

APG Series of Air grease lubrication pump has stable performance, strong practicability and good looking appearance. The pneumatic grease pump is an essential equipment for mechanization of oil or grease injection equipment, is driven by compressed air and has built-in automatic reciprocating device to automatically reciprocate up and down. To pressurize the high pressure and carry out the oil or grease to feed the lubricating oil.
Hudsun air grease pump is safe, reliable, high working pressure, large grease or oil output flow rate, easy to operate, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, will be able to add a variety of lithium base grease, grease and other high viscosity oil, suitable for cars, tractors, extractors and other kind of machinery industry where filled with grease or oil.

Air Grease Lubricating Pump, APG Series Parts
Air Grease Lubricating Pump, Noise reduction design
Air Grease Lubricating Pump Grease Barrel
Air Grease Lubricating Pump, APG Series Equipped with hose and gun

APG Air Operated, Pneumatic Grease Pump Working Principle

Hudsun APG Series of Air Grease Lubrication Pump and air grease pump is composed of grease piston pump connected to the pneumatic air pump, which is called pneumatic air grease pump, with a grease storage for grease, a grease gun, a high-pressure rubber hose, and a quick-change joint and other parts.

1. The upper part of the pneumatic grease pump is an air pump, and the compressed air enters the air distribution chamber through the spool valve, so that the air enters the upper end or the lower end of the piston, in order the piston to reciprocate automatically in a certain stroke to reverse intake and exhaust.
The lower end part of the pneumatic grease pump is a piston pump, and its power is derived from the inlet air, and the connecting rods are pulled in parallel with the air pump to keep reciprocate motion. There are two check valves in the piston pump, one is at the oil inlet port and is placed on the lifting rod, which is called a four-legged valve, and the feeding rod shaft sliding sealing and the four-foot valve seat plane sealing. Other an oil outlet port at the end of the piston rod is a steel ball valve, which is linearly sealed with a cone. Their work is to move reciprocally in synchronization with the grease pump. When the piston rod moves upward, the steel ball valve closes.
The lifting plate connected to the lifting rod lifts the grease upwards, these grease pushes the four-legged valve upward to enter the pump, and the steel ball valve opens upward to drain the grease; when the piston rod moves downward, the four-legged valve is downward and closed, the grease in the pump is squeezed by the piston rod and the steel ball valve is opened again to drain the grease, so that the grease pump can be drained as long as it reciprocates up and down.

2. The sealed piston ring was installed in the storage barrel, so that the grease in the barrel is pressed by the spring pressure to press the piston against the grease surface, which can isolate the pollution and keep the grease clean, and at the same time, can fully absorb the grease by means of the grease of the pumping port.

3. The grease injection gun is a tool during the grease filling operation. The high pressure grease discharged from the pump is connected to the high pressure rubber hose and sent to the gun. The nozzle of the gun directly contacts the required grease filling point, and the trigger is used to inject the grease into the grease required points.

APG Air Operated, Pneumatic Grease Pump Ordering Code


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) APG = APG Series Of Air Operated, Pneumatic Grease Pump
(3) Grease Barrel Volume  = 12L ; 30L ; 45L (See the chart below)
(4)  Hose Length = 4m ; 6m ; 10m for optional, or customized
(5)  1X = Design Series 
(6) For Further Information

Item CodeAPG12APG30APG45
Barrel Volume12L30L45L
Air Inlet Pressure0.6~0.8Mpa0.6~0.8Mpa0.6~0.8Mpa
Pressure Proportion50:150:150:1
Grease Outlet Pressure30~40Mpa30~40Mpa30~40Mpa
Feeding Volume0.85L/min.0.85L/min.0.85L/min.
Equipped WithInject Gun, HoseInject Gun, HoseInject Gun, Hose

How To Operate The APG Series Of Pneumatic Grease Pump

(1) Put the lubricating grease into the oil storage tank of the equipment (or insert the equipment into the standard barrel), and install it according to the required amount. In order to prevent the generation of air bubbles, the grease in the barrel should be pressed down and the grease surface is flattened.
(2) Use grease according to the season, generally use 0#-1# lithium base grease in winter, use 2# lithium grease in spring and autumn, use 2#-3# lithium grease in summer, in order to avoid excessive viscosity of oil, please add a small amount mix the oil thoroughly. Note: Keep the grease clean.
(3) Connect the equipment and the grease gun with high-pressure hose. When connecting, you must clean the joints and tighten the nut with a wrench to avoid oil leakage.
(4) Prepare compressed air of 0.6-0.8 MPa.
(5) Install the quick-change joint on the pipeline of the pneumatic source.

Operation Step Of APG Pneumatic Grease Pump

– Turn on the air source, insert the quick-change connector into the air inlet of the device. At this time, the cylinder piston of the device and the pump piston reciprocate up and down, the muffler port is exhausted, and the device starts to work normally. The grease gradually fills the pipeline, the pressure gradually rises. After a while, the frequency of the reciprocating motion slows down until it stops, the grease pressure is at a high value, the air pump and grease pressure are in equilibrium, and the test of the grease is injected. The gun handle high pressure grease is injected from the grease nozzle. As the grease is injected, the grease pump tends to be unbalanced from the balance, and the grease is replenished by the automatic reciprocating motion. When the grease pressure reaches the highest value, the pump automatically stops moving.
– Check if there is any leakage in each connection part, then to carry out grease filling.

Precautions And Maintenance Of APG Air Grease Lubrication Pump

1. The compressed pneumatic air should be filtered to prevent dirt from entering the air pump and wearing parts of the consumable parts and cylinders. The use of flammable gases as a air source is strictly prohibited.
2. Do not use compressed air above 0.8MPa to avoid overloading the equipment and affect the service life of the high pressure pipe.
3. The high-pressure rubber tube does not allow strong bending and dragging on the ground during use, and heavy objects will affect the service life.
4. When the work is at rest, the air quick-change connector should be removed, and the oil-filled gun should remove the oil pressure in the equipment to avoid pressure on the high-pressure hose for a long time.
5. The air pump part needs to be lubricated regularly.
6. During the assembly and disassembly process, attention must be paid to the accuracy of the parts to be disassembled.
7. Do not reciprocate for a long time without load, avoid dry friction and affect the service life.
8. Do a good cleaning and maintenance work. Clean the entire oil passage system within a certain period of time, remove the grease gun from the grease gun, and use the cleaning machine to reciprocate several times to flush the dirt in the tube. Clean the storage tank regularly to keep the barrel clean.

Application Of APG Air Grease Lubrication Pump

Air Grease Lubricating Pump, APG Application