Manual Grease Pump SRB-J(L), FB Series

ProductSRB-J7G-2(FB-4A); SRB-J7G-5(FB-6A); SRB-L3.5G-2(FB-42A); SRB-L3.5G-5(FB-62A) Of Manual Grease Pump Manual Operation, Lubricating Grease Pump

Equal Code With SRB-J(L) & FB Series:
FB-4A equals SRB-J7G-2
FB-6A equals SRB-J7G-5
FB-42A equals SRB-L3.5G-2
FB-62A equals SRB-L3.5G-5

Manual grease pump SRB-J(L), FB series is manual operation, lubricating grease pump equipped in lubrication system for small lubricating. The manual grease pump SRB-J(L), FB is usually directly installed on side of machines for it is design in compact size and light weight.

Manual grease pump SRB-J(L), FB series application;
– Hand operation, dual line centralized lubrication system available if equipped with two line divider valves
– To lubrication points not more than 80 sets, grease feed quantitative to single small machines
– As a centralized lubrication grease feeding device

Ordering Code Of Manual Grease Pump SRB-J(L), FB series


(1) SRB (FB) Series = Manual Grease Pump
(2)Working pressure
: J = 100bar/1450psi ; L = 200bar/2900psi
(3) Displacement
: 7= 7mL/stroke ; 3.5 = mL/stroke
(4) G
= Lubricating grease as media
(5) Reservoir volume
: 2 = 2L ; 5 = 5L

Manual Grease Pump SRB-J(L), FB Series Technical Information:

Model (Equal Code)Operation PressureFeeding Volume Reservoir SizeWeight

Note:Using the medium for cone penetration 265 (25°C, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # -2 #) and viscosity grade lubricant is greater than the N68 , Ambient temperature -10°C ~ 40°C.

Working Principle Of Manual Grease Pump SRB-J(L), FB Series

Manual grease pump SRB-J(L), FB series working principle

Manual grease pump SRB-J(L), FB series is working by driving the pump handle, to reciprocate the gear piston forced by gear.
1. There is no grease on at right chamber and the left chamber is full of grease when the switch piston moves to the end of right chamber.
2. The switch piston begins to move left chamber while operating the handle, the inlet port at left chamber is closed and pressurized the lubricating grease into supplying channel B through opened checked and directional control valve.
3. There is a vacuum phenomenon as the volume of right chamber increases gradually when the piston moves forwarder to at the end of left positon. Then the inlet port of right chamber is open and lubricating grease is pressurized in by atmosphere pressure.
4. The entire grease processing is supported by switching of directional valve. When pressing the button of directional valve, the lubricating oil flows out through channel B. And the lubricating grease flows through main pipe line A while pulling out the button of directional valve.

Manual grease pump SRB-J(L), FB series Installation Dimensions

Manual Grease Pump SRB JL FB Series installation dimensions