DDB Pump Elements

Product:DDB Lubrication Pump Element
Products Advantage:
1. Very little inner leakage, powerful operation
2.  Standard 8mm tube or 10mm tube connection optional
3. Original part for our DDB pump series, longer service life
Equipped To : DDRB-N, ZB Pump

DDRB-N, ZB Lubrication Pump Element Introduction

This pump element is the part for used for the electric lubrication grease pump of DDRB-N, ZB series, to absorb the grease or oil and pressurized it into grease tubes.

Working Principle Of Multi-Point DDRB Pump ZB Pump Element
When the driving wheel pulls the working piston 1 to the left limit position, the grease/oil inlet port is opened and the lubricant is sucked into the cavity of the piston sleeve 2, at the same time, the control piston 3 is moved to the left by the action of the spring to the limit position. When the piston 1 moves to the right, the control piston 3 is moved to the right side.
When the grease/oil chamber in the control piston connects to the annular groove at the right end of the piston sleeve, the grease is pressed out and open the check valve 4 which is discharged from the oil outlet. As the eccentric shaft is constantly rotating, the grease lubricant and then continue in turn and out from the outlet port.

DDRB Pump-ZB-Pump-element-structure                                      1. Element Piston ;  2. Pump Element Housing ; 3. Working Element Piston ;  4. Connector With Check Valve

Grease or Oil Volume Adjustment By Injector:
Loosen and take out the screw cap, to adjust the flow adjusting bolt with screwdriver to adjust the amount of extension to achieve the amount of grease. If the adjustment blot turns clockwise, the amount of grease/oil is reducing, if counter-clockwise rotation will increase the volume. The screw cap should be covered after the adjustment finished.

Disassemble The Element From DDRB-N Pump, ZB Pump Element

The grease supply pipes should be removed before removing the element of pump, then loosen the connecting nut 7,
the element piston of the pump is tilted upwards by about 30degrees. The pump element can be removed after the grease piston is separated from the drive wheel.
After the pump element is removed, do not put the working plug down one end to prevent the working piston from being damaged by slipping.

To install the pump element, first pull the working piston 1 out about 30mm, place it horizontally in the mounting screw hole, and lift the working piston 1 up to about 30degrees. Putting the end of work piston is correctly inserted into the groove of the drive wheel, to tighten the connection nut 7 then.

DDRB-N, ZB Grease Pump Element Ordering Code


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) ZBE = DDRB-N, ZB Pump Element
(3) Omit  = Without Spring ;  S= With Spring
(4) Connector For Tube Size:  T= Standard Connection ; C= Custom tube connection
(5) * = For further information