Hydraulic Directional Valve SYP

Product: SYP 4/2 Hydraulic Reversing Valve 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. pressure up to 40Mpa/400bar
2. Operation pressure adjustable, observable adjustment pressure
3. Replace YKQ indicator + Z4EJF-P valves, saving cost and saving install space

4/2 Hydraulic reversing valve SYP series is grease or hydraulic oil control, pressure adjustable, directional valve updated from the Reversing Valve DR4-5 , widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, cement machinery, building material machinery and sea port machinery as the parts in double-line grease, oil centralized lubrication system.

4/2 Hydraulic reversing valve SYP series is especially suitable for the metallurgical industry as quickly movement grease lubrication system in metallurgy industry or in ring lubrication system for cement mechanical. SYP Hydraulic directional valve is the feature of compact structure, small size, light weight, easy operation, switching stability, pressure fluctuation value is small, with high pressure level, reliable performance, pressure intuitive, adjustable pressure adjustable, which is to replace the 20Mpa, 40Mpa hydraulic valve, 4/2 and 4/3 solenoid directional valve, and pressure control valve equipped at the pipe end, pressure switch, electrical pipeline configuration and other components to form grease lubrication system, which reduce the system failure, reducing investment costs. The SYP Hydraulic directional valve can be installed with stroke switch or proximity switch in order to achieve the control of the whole lubrication system.

4/2 Hydraulic Reversing Valve SYP Operation:
4/2 Hydraulic reversing valve SYP series is two-position four-way automatic hydraulic directional valve with two pressure gauges on the plane and with a hand wheel for pressure adjustment. The hand wheel is be able to adjust the pressure, turn it in clockwise that the pressure increases, on the contrary the pressure decreases. The inlet port of the SYP hydraulic reversing valve is connected with the pump outlet port, the oil return port R is connected with the oil storage tank, and the oil supply port I and II are respectively connected with two oil supply pipes. When the working pressure reaches the presetting pressure, the valve automatically switches to line II, so that the lubrication pump will be able to supply grease to the two pipes to supply grease.

Ordering Code Of 4/2 Hydraulic Reversing Valve SYP Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) SYP = 4/2 Hydraulic reversing valve SYP series
(3) P = Max. pressure 40Mpa/400bar
(4) Flow Rate= 220mL/min. ; 455mL/min. (See the chart below)
(5) * = For further information

4/2 Hydraulic Reversing Valve SYP Series Technical Data

ModelMax. PressureFlow RateSwitching


SYP-22040Mpa220 ml/min.1-35MpaGrease Or Oil6.8Kgs
SYP-45540Mpa455 ml/min.1.5-35MpaNLGI0#~2#11.7KGS

4/2 Hydraulic Reversing Valve SYP Installation Dimensions

4/2 Hydraulic Directional Valve SYP dimensions