Lubricant Distributor VW Series – Dual Line Lubricant Distributor, Grease and Oil Lubricant Distributor

Product:  VW Lubricat Distributor, Grease and Oil Distributor
Products Advantage:
1. Available for the lubrication system with 20Mpa working pressure
2. Output flow rate from 0.03mL/stroke to 5.0mL/stroke with adjustable
3. Outlet port from 2 nos. to 10nos. for optional, equipped in centralized lubrication system

Lubricant distributor VW series is dual line type lubricant distributor, use medium as grease or oil of lubricant distributor. The VW series lubricate distributor is designed for dual line grease centralized lubrication system where max. operation pressure is not exceeded 20Mpa. There are two pipes supplying grease or oil alternately under high pressure, the fluid flow is controlled by the movement of distributor piston to each feeding point, to complete the quantitative distribution of grease to the lubrication point.

Lubricant distributor VW series is available to flow grease or oil out from the top and down side of distributor, positive and negative action of the piston, respectively feeding the grease from the outlet port located on the side top and down side of VW distributor. Lubricant distributor VW series equipped with the observed indicator and available to check the normal operation condition while the indicator rod is up and down of working, this lubricant distributor can also be adjusted by the screw within the specified range to easily adjust the output of grease volume.

Lubricant Distributor VW Series Working Condition:
1. The specified media must be used in the specified environment.
2. Lubricant distributors should be equipped with protective cover mounted in the dust, humidity, harsh environment.
3. The adjustment screw of the grease feeding volume should be adjusted when the indicator rod retracted, and tighten the locking screw after adjustment.
4. In the distributor up and down side between the corresponding grease outlet is combined with the grease out of the structure, changing the odd nos. grease ports, screwed out the bolt in the hole while operation, plug in the port with R1 / 4” bolt if the outlet port does not need to use.
5. The surface of mounting with the lubricant distributor should be smooth, the installation of bolts should not be too tight, so as not to affect the normal operation

Ordering Code Of Lubricant Distributor VW Series


(1) Basic type = VW Series Dual Line Distributing Valve, Grease Distributor
(2) Size=10; 30; 50 Optional
(3) Discharging Ports = 2 / 4 / 6 /8 / 10  Optional
(4) * = For further information

Lubricant Distributor VW Series Technical Data

ModelMax. PressureCrack PressureVolume mL/cyc.Volume by adj. screw per round

Note: Applicable medium is a lubricating oil with viscosity of not less than 265 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # ~ 1 #) or viscosity grade greater than N68; Ambient temperature is -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, For lubricating oil, it can be used under 10MPa pressure.

Lubricant Distributor VW Installation Dimensions

Lubricant Distributor VW dimensions