Product: GPZ-135, BSV-120, KP-110, PF-120 Lubricant Injection Valve
Products Advantage:
1. Injector valve for lubricant spray
2. 4 Types of lubricant injection valve for optional
3. Best price as replacement or maintenance

GPZ, BSV, KP, PF Lubricant Injection Valve Introduction

GPZ, BSV, KP, PF Series lubricant injection valve is air grease mixing lubrication valve, which is suitable for large open gears in industrial machines or equipment (such as ball mills, rotary kiln, excavators, blast furnace distributors, etc.) in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemical, paper and other industries, as well as lubrication of steel wire ropes and chains.

GPZ, BSV, KP, PF Series air grease mixing lubrication valve has the characteristics of passing the lubricant beyond a certain working spacing, orienting, quantitatively and uniformly spraying to the friction surface for lubrication, which is easily for operation and most effective of machinery lubrication.

GPZ, BSV, KP, PF Lubricant Injection Valve Ordering Code & Technical Data

ModelSpray DistanceSpray DiameterMin. GreaseMin. PressureAir PressureAir ConsumptionWeight

GPZ-135, KP-110 Lubricant Injection Valve Installation 

GPZ-135, KP-110 Installation Dimensions

BSV-120 Lubricant Injection Valve Installation 

BSV-120 Installation Dimensions

PF-120 Lubricant Injection Valve Installation 

PF-120 Installation Dimensions