Hand Operated Lube Pump SGZ-7

Product: SGZ-8 Manual Grease Lube Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Manual operated lube pump, max. pressure 10Mpa
2. With 3.5L volume of grease reservoir and light weight for movable
3. Available for the working condition of low lubrication frequency

Hand operated lube pump SGZ-7 Series is manual operation, grease lubrication pump with grease indicator, and transfers to each lubricating point by lubrication distributors, the lubrication pump SGZ-7 series is mostly available for dual line lubrication system. Lubrication pump SGZ-7 is allowed to work at ambient temperature 0℃~40℃, the use of penetration of the grease is not less than 265 (25 ℃, 150g)1/10mm.

Working Principle Of Hand Operated Lube Pump SGZ-7 Series
Hand operated lube pump SGZ-7 series consists of grease reservoir, piston pump, one way check valve and filter. Pressing or pushing the pump handle, making the gear type piston mounted on the gear shaft to reciprocate, when the piston is in the extreme right position left-volume, through the check valve hand-operated-lube-pump-sgz-7-working-principlethrough the valve grease is pressed into the main pipeline, when the sliding piston stroke end, to reach the extreme left limit position, the right side of the sliding piston chamber has been the grease reservoir there are grease filled. When the sliding piston then moves to the right, the right end of the sliding piston check valve, the valve is pushed into the main pipeline, which continues lever handle, the pump will continue to reciprocate the grease constantly pressed to each group to the oil.
The changing of grease pipe is switched by manually reversing lever to achieve their goals, when the reversing lever is rotated to a positioning hole, grease the main pipe feeding grease II, when the reversing lever is rotated to a different set of people bit hole, I grease through the main pipe feeding grease. Another main pipe any state pipe I and pipe I I were unloading in communication with the oil reservoir.

Operation of Hand Operated Lube Pump SGZ-7 Series

  1. Hand operated lube pump SGZ-7 series should be Installed in ventilation, light indoor, any outdoor installation must be added to fortified guard, and must ensure that the handle can swing freely. Grease level indicating rod side should have enough space for the grease level indicator rod can be extended, but also easy to fill grease to in reservoir vessel.
  2. Manual lube pump SGZ-7 must be upright installation, and fastened with four bolts M10 × 30. The connection of pump tubing and junction with the main piping system should be closely, without leakage, not allowed to use flax oil aids.
  3. Grease to in manual lube pump SGZ-7 must be filtered by the filter device, prohibited to add the grease directly from the cover, prevent dirt or oil and air mixture will cause the pump is not working properly, the grease filled penetration of not less than 265 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm.
  4. Before starting, note that 50 # mechanical oil should be added to pressure gauge, in order the grease into pressure gauge to affect the display precision.
  5. When the handle is pulled back and forth, then grease will be transferred to the main pimp of lubrication system, when all of distributors pressure in lubrication rises to standard. The grease supplying should be shut off and switching the directional valve in time so that to eliminate the pressure in lubricating pipes.

Ordering Code Of Hand Operated Lube Pump SGZ-7 Series


(1) SGZ 
= Grease Lube Pump SGZ Series 
(2) Grease Feeding Volume = 8mL/stroke
(3) Grease Reservoir = 4L
(4) * = For further information

Hand Operated Lube Pump SGZ-7 Series Technical Data

ModelMax. PressureFeeding Vol.Outlet PortTank Vol.Weight
SGZ-710 Mpa7 ml/stroke4 Nos.3.5L24Kgs

Hand Operated Lube Pump SGZ-7 Installation Dimensions

Hand Operated Lube Pump SGZ-7 Installation Dimensions