Lubricantion Distributors For Lubrication

Advantages - Service

Wearing parts support quickly, competitive prices offered to regular clients.

Sale-After Service

We are updating our products line to follow the market closely, please pay attention to our web for more items.

Quality Control

Manufacturing the element by high precision digital machines

High-Quality Control

Machine parts fitted precisely even after long terms of operation, much reliable works and we are providing the high quality lubrication equipment.

Tested Method

100% items tested before package, using golden mineral oil as testing oil.

Strict-Tested Method

Our golden mineral oil as testing oil keeping clean cavity and guarantee no leakage and lubricates effective in the working spot.

Strength Carbon Steel

The divider valves are produced by 45# high strength carbon steels.

High-Strength Carbon Steel

Specific Valve produced by 45# high strength carbon steels extends the high precision and house to long service life and keeps good fitting in operation.

Divider Valve Introduction

There are two kinds of lubricant distributors , single line divider or dual line distributors, which are used in a wide array of industrial situations, especially for the key parts of machines, likes bearings, the bearings needs lubricated continuously or interval period for its long service life and stable operation. The lubricant distributors are mostly used in poor working conditions as well, such as steel production line where hot temperature requires more lubrication grease to its bearings in rolling systems or excavating machinery in dry and dusty environment, keeping lubrication grease or oil to its heart parts is truly developing the machine performance, extend its maintenance period.

The lubricant distributors is available to lubricate one or multi-lubrication spot only by one or two lubrication pump as power source, the divider valve allows to be controlled automatically instead of labor operation, highly improving grease lubricating precision, timely lubricated and more economics for a large number of lubricating points and long distance between each other. However, it is an exciting items for industrial machinery at affordable prices. Now are you interested in contract us to protect your machine or save your budget? Contact Us Or read our article: What is A Divider Valve?

-Lubricant Distributors: Progressive Divider Valves-Lubrication
One progressive divider valves assembly set can serve a total of twenty or more than lubrication points with ease. Modular constructions fitted at regular points of the progressive lubrication divider valves make it simple to install, adjust and maintain as per users demands.

All these can be done without necessarily removing the inner tubing. The series movement lubrication equipment work in a pre-arranged format for easier monitoring of internal systems via an indication pin.

-Lubricant Distributors: Dual-Line Divider Valves-

Therlubrication-for-excavatore is this product in the market that every oil Industrial machine manufacturing company wishes to associate with, this is
none other than the two line lubrication divider valves
(Devices). This is due to the fact that this product has proved to have some production advantages to
extend the service life of wear parts largely in machines. Some of this outstanding competitive advantage includes the fact that this lubrication valve consists of two major parts and that is the base and the metering valves. These are either made up of high strength carbon steel or stainless steel.

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