Pressure Control Switch Valve YZF, PV

Product: YZF-L4, PV-2E Pressure Control Valve \ 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. pressure up to 20Mpa/200bar
2. Pressure adjustment available from 3Mpa~6Mpa
3. Sensitive to pressure response, quick switching and reliable operation

Pressure control switch valve YZF-L4, PV-2E series is pressure control, two pipeline switching, grease valve, is a device to transfer the mechanical transmission into the electrical signal by differential pressure signal, mostly is used in end type grease central lubrication systems and installed at the end of main grease/oil supply pipeline.

When the pressure at the end of main supply pipeline exceeds the presetting pressure of pressure control switch valve YZF-L4, PV-2E series, the valve will send a signal to the control electric cabinet, the solenoid directional valve to achieve the two grease/oil supply alternatively, this pressure control switch valve sends the signal correctly, reliable working, the presetting pressure can be adjusted at the certain range.

Pressure control valve YZF-L4, PV-2E series Operation:
1. The pressure control valve should be installed at the end of main grease/oil supply pipeline in the terminal type lubrication system.
2. A grease distributor should be installed after he pressure control valve, so that the grease in the valve will be able to be updated.
3. The distributor after the pressure control valve, from body to connect with the pressure gauge to install the inner connector and tee connector.
4. Adjust the screw right-handed set the pressure down, and left rotated to set high pressure.

Ordering Code Of Pressure Control Switch Valve YZF/PV Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) YZF = Pressure Control Switch Valve YZF, PV series
(3) L = Max. pressure 20Mpa/200bar
(4) Preset Pressure= 4Mpa/40bar
(5) * = For further information

Pressure Control Switch Valve YZF, PV Series Technical Data

ModelMax. PressureSet PressurePressure Adj.Loss FlowApprox. Weight
Ref. CodePrevious Code
YZF-L4PV-2E20Mpa4Mpa3~6Mpa1.5mL8.2 kgs

Note: (NLGI0 # -2 #) having a cone penetration degree of 265 to 385 (25C, 150 g) 1/10 mm was used as the medium.

Pressure Control Switch Valve YZF, PV Installation Dimensions

Pressure Control Switch Valve YZF,PV dimensions