Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves AF

Product:  AF Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves 
Products Advantage:
1. Standard industrial connection and replacement
2. 11 Connection type for selection for optional
3. Wild media viscosity range from N22 to N460

Lubrication equipment safety valves AF series is suitable for concentrated oil lubrication system, used to keep the system pressure in the normal level and does not exceed the set pressure, applicable to the viscosity of the media grade N22-N460.

According to standard industrial size of the lubrication equipment safety valve diameter which can be divided into two types of the pressure adjusting bolts and hand wheel pressure adjustment.
Note of installation: The hand wheel pressure regulation type of lubrication equipment safety valves should be installed vertically as per lubrication system, and the return oil pipe elevation shall not be higher than the center of the flange of oil return pipe.

Ordering Code Of Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves AF Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) AF = Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves AF Series
(3) E = Max. pressure 0.8Mpa/80bar
(4) Diameter(DN) = 20 (See the chart below)
(5) Working Pressure= 0.8Mpa (See the chart below)
(6) * = For further information

Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves AF Series Technical Data



Max. PressureWorking PressuredHH1AFlangeD3Weight
AF-E20/0.520mm0.8 MPa0.2-0.5 MPaG3/4″1405635.5451.2Kg
AF-E20/0.80.4-0.8 MPa
AF-E25/0.525mm0.2-0.5 MPaG1″1657040501.6Kg
AF-E25/0.80.4-0.8 MPa
AF-E32/0.532mm0.2-0.5 MPaG1 1/2″1948848602.8Kg
AF-E32/0.80.4-0.8 MPa
AF-E40/0.540mm0.2-0.5 MPaG1 1/2″1948852602.6Kg
AF-E40/0.80.4-0.8 MPa
AF-E50/0.850mm0.2-0.8 MPa42011011016512010018415Kg

Note: Flange connection size according to “JB / T81-94convex panel flat welded steel pipe flange PN = 1.6MPa provisions”.

Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves AF Installation Dimensions

Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves dimensions