Beka Pump Element

Product: Beka Pump Element
Products Advantage:
1. Pump element for Beka lubrication grease pump
2. Standard threaded for easily replacement Beka pump, 1 year limited warranty
3. Precisely stroke of piston delivery, strictly dimensions fitness between components

Beka Pump Element Introduction

Beka pump element is replaced to the Beka lubrication pump, as part of pump replacement.

The pump element is effected by eccentricity wheel making the push and pull movement of piston of the pump element, to suck grease or oil in the chamber of element, then the grease or oil is pressurized into the pipe line while.

Beka Pump Element Ordering Code


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) BKPEL = Beka Pump Element
(3) M Threaded = M20x1.5
(4) * = For further information

Beka Pump Element Installation


  • The lubrication pump should be stop while install or remove the pump element. To install the pump element, the piston should keep extended partially and just have an angle approximately 30 degrees, insert the piston into the bore of pump housing (See Drawing A).
  • The head of element piston meets on the pressure ring, then moving the pump element at the direction of vertical position (See Drawing B). Until the piston head runs in the guide line of groove.
  • Fasten the bolt of the element to the pump housing.
  • If removal the pump element, be contrary to the above steps.
  • Please make sure the element piston should keep inside in its housing while removing, not left behind in the housing of lubrication pump.

Beka Pump Element Dimensions