Grease Filler Pump SJB-D60, Manual Grease Filler Pump

Product: SJB-D60 Manual Grease Filler Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Easily manual operation, light for portable
2. Small size and compact design, min. cost of maintenance
3. With 13.5L grease barrel, contact us for any custom dimensions   

Grease filler pump SJB-D60 is manual grease filler, hand operation pump, which used for filling the grease or oil to manual lubricating pump or small electric lubricating pump with pressure stage level of 10MPa and 120 MPa.

Grease filler pump SJB-D60 is operation by the handle, when the downward movement of the operating handle, the shutter closed and piston chamber volume becomes smaller, the grease along the conveyor hose to the oil reservoir, the lower portion of the piston volume gradually increases, a negative pressure to open the suction part, the inner barrel grease inhalation. When the handle upward movement, the piston chamber forms negative pressure, the valve is opened, closed suction part, grease into the upper chamber of the piston. When the handle of grease filler pump SJB-D60 is moved downward again, repeat the process.

Please noted before operation the SJB-D60 pump:

  1. The one end of the oil pipeline is connected with the oil pump outlet, and the other end is connected with the supply port of the oil reservoir, the other end of the oil storage tank is screwed on the box cover bolt.
  2. The use of grease must be clean, uniform texture, in the range of the specified number.
  3. The amount of grease or oil in barrels should be regularly checked, so as to prevent sucking the air into the grease tank.

Ordering Code Of Grease Filler Pump SJB-D60 Series

(1)(2) (3)(4)

(1) SJB 
= Manual Grease Filler Pump
(2) Nominal Pressure =
(3) Feeding Volume 
= 60mL/stroke 
(4) * 
= For further information

Grease Filler Pump SJB-D60 – Manual Grease Filler Pump Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding Vol. Tank VolumeForce On HandleApprox. Weight

Note: Using the medium for the cone penetration 310 ~ 385 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # ~ 1 #).

Grease Filler Pump SJB-D60 Series Installation Dimensions

Grease Filler Pump SJB-D60 – Manual Grease Filler Pump