Grease Filler Pump DJB-V400 – Electric Grease Filler Pump

Product: DJB-V400 Electric Grease Filler Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Larger grease feeding volume up to 400L/h
2. Electric pump only without grease barrel, directly mounting for use
3. Connect with electrical box to realize grease automotive lubrication

Grease filler pump DJB V400 is electric grease filler pump with volume 400l/h grease feeding filler pump used for dry oil lubrication system, to filling the grease or oil in lubrication device. The DJB V400 will be able to work directly on the 200L grease barrel and available to work separately. The grease filler pump DJB V400 is be able to realize filling grease in automatically if connection to electric control device. The piston pump is installed in the grease filler pump as main power source, we select high quality pump in order to obtain the smooth working and highly power output.
The electric pump is installed vertically by rotating worm gear, worm gear mounted on the end face of the eccentric shaft, the crank connecting rod to drive the piston up and down reciprocating motion. And the grease or oil suction and pressurized by one-way check valve and the piston to output the grease by hose.

Grease Filler Pump DJB V400 Operation:
1. The motor wired connection should be accorded to the direction of rotation marked on the cover of motor.
2. The transmission of grease must be clean, uniform texture, in the range of the specified grades.
3. The first use of the gearbox should be injected into the lubricating oil (N220) to specific surface.
4. For first operation of the grease filler pump, the gas valve should be open, and closed it after the normal grease output.
5. It is forbidden to run the pump if without any grease in barrel.

Ordering Code Of Grease Filler Pump DJB-V400 Series

(1)(2) (3)(4)(5)

(1) HS =
By Hudsun Industry
(2) DJB 
= Electric Grease Filler Pump, DJB series 
(3) Nominal Pressure=
(4) Feeding Volume 
= 400L/stroke
(5) * = For further information

Grease Filler Pump DJB-V400 Series Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding Vol.Pump SpeedReduction RatioMotorMotor SpeedMotor Power

Note: Using the medium for cone penetration (25 DEG, 265 ~ 385 150g) of industrial lubricating grease and viscosity grade of 1/10mm is greater than N46.

Grease Filler Pump DJB V400 Series Installation Dimensions

Grease Filler Pump DJB V400 Installation Dimensions